Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Engagement Photos (not mine!)

So, I was a little bored last night. A Google alert led me to a photographer's blog, and surfing from there up finding a bunch of semi-related wedding and engagement photos centered on the Braves. As a single woman of marriage-able age who loves the Braves tremendously, I was naturally fascinated by these. If you don't care about weddings, weddings at Turner Field, or engagement photo sessions at the ballpark, stop reading now. ;) Otherwise, check these out!

Engagement pics in Turner Field

More of the same couple, different photographer

Different couple, engagement pics taken at Turner Field

Welcome Party part 1

Welcome Party part 2

What a fun party! I want a party with a Braves seating chart! Of course, the tables would have the guys' real numbers, whether or not it was a logical arrangement. Table 2 would be KJ, Table 3 would be Murph, Table 8 would be Javy, Table 23 would be MattE, Table 47 would be Glavine, and so on. :D


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i'm so excited you loved all of our photos! those are all of our welcome party for our vow renewal - it was the best day and it was in choptalk too! :)

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

ps - i thought about doing the table numbers that way! but it didn't fit in with the line-up card seating chart that i wanted. in the end, the adorable seating chart won. :)

Lauren T. said...

Ami, you were absolutely lovely, and I really enjoyed all the pictures. Which Chop Talk issue? I will have to look you up in my back issues! :)

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

thank you! you are too sweet. :) it's the one with hank aaron on the front (three issues ago i believe!)

flbravesgirl said...

Congratulations, Ami! Fabulous job!

Ladies, we need Braves M&Ms!!!!