Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun from Sunday

Clips from Sunday's broadcast. Enjoy!

KJ talks a tiny bit about Italy:

*video removed*

The Braves Live opener, with BJ lip synching!

*video removed*

The Speed Demon's post-game interview:

*video removed*

Topless Frenchy!

*video removed*


Jo said...

What a tease! He's only topless from the neck up!

You know what I mean.

Lauren T. said...

Hee hee. Didja like KJ juggling? That was my favorite -- that, and BJ lip-synching. :D

CABravesFan said...

I kept hoping they would pull the camera back like 6 inches:D

Loved Mac talking about his "blazing speed"- and loved the huge smile he cracked when he said that!

KJ, oh how I love you! He really is cute isn't he? That may have been the longest I have ever heard him talk without looking like he was going to vomit:) Love love love the juggling!!

Thanks Lauren!

Lauren T. said...

Jo and I were just discussing that when Baby graduated from The Jeffrey B. Francoeur Public Relations Academy, KJ enrolled. ;)


Leah said...

Great vids! Loved the "blazing speed" comment from Mac and KJ is just wow in that interview. KJ looks comfortable and down to earth like it's his house or something, lol. KJ juggling! I could never do that. Apparently, it's a talent we never knew he had. Makes you wonder what other hidden talents he has. Ok, yeah, time to withdraw from this train of thought without crossing the line there. 0:D

Is it me or is the sound on the videos not very loud for anyone else? Picture looks great, though.

flbravesgirl said...

Speaking of blazing speed, Mac was safe on that bunt tonight. #*%@! ump!

CABravesFan said...

Apparently Mac V2.0 is not only our fastest player (LOL) he is also the only one that can lay down a decent bunt! (and yes, he was safe and no, it wasn't that close- Hunter Wendelstedt had a bit of an adventure over there today didn't he?)

Amanda said...

You know I saw that topless Frenchy clip live and I didn't even notice he was topless.

Lauren T. said...

Leah, my laptop's speakers aren't very loud but I could hear the videos okay. Next time I upload, I'll see if I can increase the volume.

Leah said...

Lauren, I turned my volume on my laptop up a bit and it was better. :)