Friday, April 10, 2009

Rainy Opening Day

Hi Lovvies,

For those of you who aren't in Atlanta, don't count on the Braves playing tonight. This is the forecast:

I'll still be heading down to the stadium, just in case! But we may be playing a double-header tomorrow, and that's okay with me. :)

Meebo hasn't been cooperating lately, so to respond to some messages that have been left in the box...

[10:48] meeboguest987471: scott thorman got signed to a minor league deal by Texas (braves west). just figured i'd inform you since i think he was one of your favs.
Thanks! I love Thor -- I'm glad someone picked him up.

[22:09] jim_bob: Are you going to the game tomorrow? tailgating?
I am going to the games today and tomorrow (not sure when this message was sent), but I am not a tailgater. It's not as fun to sit in a parking lot if you don't drink alcohol. ;)

[03:58] kmas0407: lauren. i am going to the home opener so i will help you and try to figure out what songs are what :)
Thank you so much!! I have 20 friends going with me today and they all listen to all sorts of music, so hopefully we can get a more complete list by the end of this weekend.

Cross your fingers and/or pray for the storm to blow through quickly, please!


Amy said...

I'll be there tonight, too. I've been checking the hour-by-hour forecast, and it looks like there may be a break in the storms opening up around gametime. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Crista Michelle said...

ha! the forcast changed! yay!

Lauren T. said...

Hooray! Prayers work! I'm in section 407 if anyone wants to yell hey! :)

Anonymous said...

Lauren, was that game awesome last night or what?! I was up high (416), but I had an absolute blast--rain and all. I live in Macon so I didn't get home until 3:30 and didn't get into bed until 4, but it was totally worth it. I loved how everybody kept doing the chop, long after the music stopped and even when it wasn't going at all. The whole atmosphere of that game was electric. Awesome way to start things off at Turner Field. And YAY for KJ!