Sunday, May 24, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs. Blue Jays 5-23-09

B's family had a spare ticket, so I had a fantastic view for last night's game! My roommate went early with me to watch BP, and to be honest, only three awesome things happened...

1. O'Flaherty hung out with the Latin guys for most of BP. I didn't know he speaks Spanish, but how much do we really know about these guys?

2. Kawakami did an impression of Gonzo's cobra, and literally fell down. The Latin guys cracked up, and were really ribbing Gonzo about it!

3. Frenchy disappeared into the bullpen, and my roommate and I discussed whether he was learning to pitch or just needed to -- in her words -- "drop a deuce".

It was military appreciation night, so we got a flyover by a C-130 (I think) and they honored servicemen and women at every opportunity. Some hot navy guys got to be the tools for the tool race!

Has Drill ever won the race? I'm starting to think he's our Teddy Roosevelt, you know?

It was a very fun game, even though it rained through about half of it. I was even on the Jumbotron! Well, technically, the kid beside me was in the center of the jumbotron, but I was there too! Exciting. Anyway, the entire album is here. There are some pretty good single-player shots this time around! :D


CABravesFan said...

I think the drill needs to be fluffed again...he's looking a little...down :)

Crista Michelle said...

Last nights game was fuuuuuun!

I, of course, spent all my time at the bullpen, with brendan with me most of the time. I love how sweet the guys were to him! It makes me love relief pitchers even more<3! I swear, Brendan saw Pete and started laughing. Uber-cute! He takes to much after Aunt Crista :D

abraves25 said...

Drill won thursday vs colorado, made me angry! i am a HUGE paint brush fan, he has the Wild Thing glasses from Major League... anyway the drill like checked him into the wall to cruise to a win. jerk.

Lauren T. said...

Yeah, a drill win! I'll see one someday. :D

I never noticed the Wild Thing glasses on the paintbrush, but you're right! Good catch!! When the race was animated, the paint bucket was a girl. I wish there was a female character now. :/