Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 Favorite Non-Braves

I'm not just a fan of the Braves; I'm a fan of baseball in general.

There are 1200 players on 40-man rosters throughout major league baseball. Each of the following are my favorite non-Braves across the league. Who are your favorite non-Braves? Do you have a specific reason for loving any of them?

Lauren's Favorite Non-Braves, in team ABC order:
H = heart, I = infinity, HI = heart made of infinities.

Pudge Rodriguez - Astros - H
Nomar Garciaparra - Athletics - H
Prince Fielder - Brewers - I
Troy Glaus - Cardinals - H
Rich Harden - Cubs - H
Will Ohman - Dodgers - I
Brad Ausmus - Dodgers - I
Manny Ramirez - Dodgers - I (...I know)
Mark DeRosa - Indians - HI
Grady Sizemore - Indians - H
Ken Griffey Jr. - Mariners - H
Matt Lindstrom - Marlins - H
Wes Helms - Marlins - H
Jose Reyes - Mets - H
David Wright - Mets - I
Willie Harris - Nationals - H
Cole Hamels - Phillies - H
Ryan Howard - Phillies - I
Chase Utley - Phillies - I
Matt Capps - Pirates - H
Charlie Morton - Pirates - HI
Andruw Jones - Rangers - H
Matt Garza - Rays - H
Jonathan Papelbon - Red Sox - I
Jason Varitek - Red Sox - I
Dustin Pedroia - Red Sox - I
Jacoby Ellsbury - Red Sox - H
BIG PAPI! David Ortiz - Red Sox - I
Josh Anderson - Tigers - I
Joe Mauer - Twins - H
Joba Chamberlain - Yankees - H
Derek Jeter - Yankees - H
Johnny Damon - Yankees - H

Clearly, this is a mixed-bag list based on hotness (Joe Mauer), amusement (Manny), and actual ability (Jeter). Tim Lincecum (Giants) is a borderline call. He would definitely be on this list if I could get past the teeth and the hair. ;) Blaine Boyer is also an alternate.


Amanda said...

Oh Lauren. :(

I think I liked you more before I knew you H'd and I'd all those red sox.


BK said...

So I'm a guy, and I'm not going to heart or infinity heart any of the players bc that is what they are, baseball players. But I will field my fantasy team as if I were managing or playing on the team (as batboy probably). These are the kind of manly guys to go out and grab a beer with or sing karaoke at a country bar. You know.... the manly guys, like Baby and Frenchy. so here we go:

1st Justing Morneau MIN
2nd Aaron Hill TOR
SS Jason Barlett TB
3rd Evan Longoria TB

OF Ryan Braun MIL
OF Ichiro Suzuki SEA
OF Torii Hunter LAA

C Baby McCann of course or Victor Martinez CLE

P Zack Grienke KC
P Johan Santana NYM
P Jered Weaver LAA
P Jair Jurrjens ATL
P Tim Lincecum SF

Good, bad, pure crap?? I thought it was a good list.

Lauren T. said...

If it helps, I don't like Red Sox fans (they're SO obnoxious) and I liked the Red Sox WAY before 2004. When I went to Boston in 2000, my hotel room overlooked Fenway and my friend was all, "Will you stop looking at it?!" haha

Lauren T. said...

BK is known as "B" around here, y'all.

B, I like your list. There are a few guys on your list that were borderline for me, like Evan Longoria and Torii Hunter. Justin Morneau gets points for being the Frenchy to Mauer's Baby. (You know about all that, right?)

SCJ said...

I like your DeRosa and Sizemore picks :)

Ian Kinsler is my top non-(never been) Brave. I just adore him.

I like Tori Hunter. Zach Greinke is awesome. I'm in love with Dexter Fowler & Cameron Maybin. And as much as I hate Alex stupid Rodriguez... there's just something that secretly makes me like him. But I still hate him. :) Haha

Lastly, Matt Lindstrom is a fav. Good guy who put baseball on hold for his mission.

SCJ said...

Oh, Evan Longoria! I forgot about him. Love him, though! :)

Lauren T. said...

SCJ, are you LDS? I am, and that's most of why Lindstrom's on the list -- anyone who can put a major-league-level career on hold for a two-year mission gets many props from me. :)

CABravesFan said...

OK- sorry for the mammoth post but here's my list: (and just for the record, "Drink a Beer with" guys are not necessarily guys that are cute, or even ones I like all that much but ones that have been around and can talk baseball all day, like Jamie Moyer, guys with great stories, like Hamilton & Greinke, or guys that are just bat-s*** crazy, like Manny) anyways, here goes-

Infinity Heart
Mark DeRosa
Charlie Morton
Will Ohman
Chase Utley
Andruw Jones
Jimmy Rollins
3 Heart
Rich Harden
Cole Hamels
Ryan Howard
Dustin Pedroia
Josh Anderson
Tim Lincecum
Barry Zito
Carlos Beltran
2 Heart
Prince Fielder
Ken Griffey Jr.
David Ortiz
Joey Devine
Ryan Braun
Hanley Ramirez
Johan Santana
Adam LaRoche
John Smoltz
Pudge Rodriguez
David Wright
Jason Varitek
Darin Erstad
Dan Haren
Matt Cain
Evan Longoria
Mark Kotsay
Kyle Davies
CC Sabathia
Mark Teixeira
Drink a Beer with
Joe Mauer
Jered Weaver
Mike Hampton
Lance Berkman
Rick Ankiel
Ryan Dempster
Ryan Freel
Eric Byrnes
Manny Ramirez
Adam Dunn
Jamie Moyer
Josh Hamilton
Jonathan Papelbon
Zach Greinke
AJ Burnett
Chipper Squiggle
Derek Jeter
Jose Reyes
Joba Chamberlain
Ted Lilly
Milton Bradley

SCJ said...

That's why he's on my list too! Haha

I'm not, but most of my friends are.

Lauren T. said...

CA, love your Chipper Squiggle category. I'm afraid my CS list would be almost as long as your Love List. :D

SCJ, I think we've talked about that before? *shrug* :)

Jo said...

C.J. Wilson (because he's straightedge and pretty much amazing)
Tim Lincecum
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Dan Haren
Mark Grace (Retired, whatever, he's hilarious)

MollyG said...

Will always have love for Andruw where ever he is and I still love Edgar Renteria :)

MollyG said...

wherever* slow brain day

CABravesFan said...

OK, I know he's not a player but can I add Vin Scully to my Infinity Heart and my Drink a Beer with catagories? I adore him and I would love to sit down and just let him tell stories...I could then die happy :)
(yes, watching the dodgers/phillies game as I type this)

Amanda said...

Off the top of my head my non braves hearts would go to:

CJ Wilson
Barry Zito
Nick Swisher
Josh Hamilton
Adrian Gonzalez
Will Ohman
Tim Lincecum
Jered Weaver
Ryan Braun
Mark Derosa
Jacoby Ellsbury
Grady Sizemore

Amanda said...

Jo - I love Mark Grace too! Loved him ever since the Sosa thing. LOL

Crista Michelle said...

Mine Would Be:
Boston (My 2nd Fave Team):
J. Papelbon (my second #58 :D) (HI)
J. Ellsbury (I)
J. Smoltz (I)
J. Lester (HI)
J. Beckett (I)
D. Pedroia (HI)
D. Ortiz (I)
D. Matszuaka (HI)
J. Masterson (I)
M. Kotsay (I miss him!) (HI)
There are many more, I just dont feel like typing out the rest of the 25-Man for the BoSox, so I thought I'd mention my ten fave, not in order :p

And then the Rest:
W. Ohman- LAD (HIx500)
T. Lincecum- SFG (I)
R. Halladay- TOR (yes I know, I like pitchers :D) (I)
M. Holiday- OAK (H)
E. Longeria- TBR (H)
R. Johnson- SFG (I)
C. Morton- PIT (I)
N. Johnson- WSH (H)
C. Utley- PHI (I)
D. Wright- NYM (HI)
J. Anderson- DET (HI)
M. Teixiera- NYY (I)
that's about it.