Tuesday, June 16, 2009

$30, hee hee

Could I possibly love Ronnie Gant more? I don't think so. :D Thanks, Twitter. <3

...Um, wait. Which is it? Did he shake the candy out or did he spend $30 on the candy? Were there two machines? It's clearly a joke I'm too tired to get. ;)

The AJC is also running a story and a picture album about how the Braves have the...um...least book-smart team in Major League Baseball. I do love that picture of MattE. :)


flbravesgirl said...

Someone actually did a study on that? (picture me rolling my eyes here) The Braves have always drafted more heavily from high scholl than college so that blows the "dumb" theory out of the water. Must've been a slow news day at the AJC.

Jo said...

Diaz is the smartest person on the team because he went to FSU. Fact.

And I had no idea Brandon Jones went to TCC! I live less than a mile from there.

Lauren T. said...

"Fact". Hee.

Leah said...

Agree with you there, Jo! Although, Auburn isn't bad either.

Jenna said...

Rossy went to Auburn AND Florida? That's pretty unforgivable.

Amanda said...

What? No pic of Jeff with that clueless look on his face? ;)

Matty's pic was hilarious.

I don't think any of them are what I would call brainy.