Friday, June 19, 2009


I LOVE the Red Sox. They are my #2 team in all of Major League baseball, and I'm so excited we'll be playing them the next two weekends! I don't remember how or when I started loving the Boston team -- I've always been one to root for the underdog (see: Rocky) -- and I remember going to a medical conference in Boston with my volunteer group in early April 2000. Our hotel overlooked Fenway and I was repeatedly told by my roommate to "stop looking at it" (ha!). Had the Sox not been out of town, I'm sure I would have gone to a game (even if I'd had to go alone). :)

So! In preparation for this weekend, let's discuss some of my favorite Red Sox. You can see the entire active roster here; I've only chosen my faves below...

Josh Beckett -- Remember when he was a Marlin? He's sometimes cute and almost always an awesome pitcher. (We don't see GL coach shots very often!)

Jon Lester -- Diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2006, he returned in 2007 to earn the win for the Red Sox in the deciding game of the World Series. In May 2008, he pitched a no-hitter. If you aren't familiar with his determination and drive, look up a few articles -- it's truly amazing. (picture)

Jonathan Papelbon -- Quite possibly the craziest man in Baseball...and I mean that in a fun way, of course. As a matter of fact, this is the fifth time on my BRAVES blog I've mentioned him. ;) What else can I say? :D

Tim Wakefield -- A 42-year-old knuckleballer who's still effective. Batters HATE facing him. I wouldn't want to face him either!

Man, why don't our guys do fun stuff like this?

Jason Varitek -- Catchers have always been my favorite, and here's a cute catcher who's The Boss Of The Team, went to Georgia Tech, and wears his socks up. Did I mention he's cute? ;) (The flat top, though...that's gotta go.)

Nick Green -- Former Brave! A looooot of girls loved some Nick Green when he was here. (Suzanne, what's up!)

Mike Lowell -- Very, very good 3B.

Dustin Pedroia -- I could write a novel on the Lil' Chipmunk. As it is, I'll just let you watch his Playstation commercials. :D Dustin vs. Playstation ~ Pedroia and Batting Practice Pitcher ~ Joe The Fan

Kevin Youkilis -- I'm more interested in Youk's beard than Youk himself. He's not pretty, but he's dang good.

Jason Bay -- Former Pirate, awesome outfielder.

J.D. Drew -- Former Brave, frequently injured, still love him.

Jacoby Ellsbury -- He's SO delish, y'all. No kidding. He's one of those rare guys that can fall into all three Hot, Pretty, and Cute categories. I knew he was of Native American descent, and Wiki says he's the first Navajo to play MLB. Pretty awesome.

Mark Kotsay -- We all know Kots. :)

David Ortiz -- I LOVE BIG PAPI. He might be the huggiest guy in all MLB, and when he and Manny were teammates, there were multiple hugs per game. Love the love, baby...

Oh yeah... Go Braves. ;)


Jen said...

The Red Sox are my #2 team, too. But Jacoby is my #1...he gets infinity hearts all over the place. How can you not love a guy who steals home on the Yankees? I agree with your "hot, pretty, and cute" assessment, though, for good measure, I would also throw in adorable. I got some outfield seats for next weekend so I could be closer to him. :)

If Gonzo has to pitch to Jacoby at any point, my head might explode. :D

Amanda said...

OK I admit they do have some great players but I just can't like "be" for the team as a whole in any way.

LOL @ Jen's last sentence. Jacoby is indeed a little package of love.

Pedroia, love the commercials. Youks Beard, love the twitter account. Love Jon Lester's story, how can anyone not root for him?

I am excited about this series, I already have my afternoon planned so I can get all my crap done in time for the 1st pitch, assuming theres not a rain delay. And it's a good thing tomorrow's game isn't a day game, or else I might have to skip the wedding of a girl I've known since she was in 3rd grade. :0

I wish our guys did more fun stuff too, after reading that q & a with Chipper on fox sports last night I wonder if our guys even like each other. :(

Lauren T. said...

Yeah, Chipper's not the most upbeat guy. The Q&A is no more positive than his interview with Todd Jones in the most recent print version of the Sporting News. If you want an upbeat POV on the Braves, go talk to someone who's actually having a good time. ;)

Amy said...

Yup, they're my #2 team, too. I have tickets to all three games next weekend and cannot WAIT. *loves* I hope Kots gets into a game or two while they're here.

When I see all the fun stuff the Sox do, like the Dating Game thing and when they came onto the field through the stands and the time they had players stationed at all the entrances to Fenway to thank the fans and hand out special tickets for their recordbreaking sellout last year, it makes me smile. And wish that we did cool stuff like that here. There's a real love affair between the Red Sox and their fans, and I love it.

ajgc said...


CABravesFan said...

I ADORE Dustin Pedroia and those awesomely fantastic commercials :)

Jacoby Ellsbury- Jen's right...if Gonzo pitches to him during the series, I might end up in a puddle on the floor ;) (Especially if Mac is catching...PERFECT!!)

Crista Michelle said...

I love Boston,
they're also my second team.

I've ALWAYS loved Jonathan Pabelbon, I even have a Papelbon shirt I'll be sporting at the game next saturday (with my Moylan jersey, so I can show the love for BOTH of my number 58's :D).

Beckett and Lester: Amazing. Hands down. And awesome. And fantastic. And any other synonym for " very good"
Dustin Pedroia&&Jacoby Ellsbury, I can't help but adore them. They're s so freaking AWESOME. AND CUTE. :D

Big Papi is awesome. Hands down. ;D

As for Kots and Smoltzie, I'm excited for them to come to town and to still see them.

I also love Daisuke Matsuzaka. I think it's cuz of his awesome name :)

I really wish I was at Fenway this weekend and help with the consecutive sell-out streak :D.

Jen said...

Holy crap, CA - I completely forgot to factor Mac into the equation! All 3 of them at, never mind. :)

I <3 DP as well. Any player who can do commercials making fun of himself is OK in my book.

Amanda said...

Is it hot in here?

SCJ said...

Martin has fun out there. They should do a Q&A with him! [I love Chip, but he is kinda grumpy lately, isn't he?]

I didn't know the Sox did all that fun stuff! That'd be awesome if our guys did stuff like that. I'm tryin for an internship with the PR department for the Braves... I'll get right on all of this ;)

CABravesFan said...


I will let it slide just this once young lady but don't let it happen again! (totally understandable given the hottness factor at work here...Mac is totally adorable and cute and all those things but when we are talking Gonzo levels of HOT it's easy to forget...everything else ;) )

flbravesgirl said...

Same here! In my case it's inherited. My dad has been a lifelong Braves fan because they had ST here then & he grew up across the street from the ballpark. He's been a Red Sox fan since '67 & loves Yaz. It pains him when his teams face each other but he said this time the Braves needed the win more. I do love the Sox any other time, they're really fun.

flbravesgirl said...

Oops! Almost forgot, the DVD arrived today. Thank you, Lauren!!! Going to watch it now.

CABravesFan said...


It's wonderful and adorable and...sooo happy!! I am still smiling :) Baby Baby is just the cutest thing EVER!

flbravesgirl said...

Off-topic, but I have to say... Lauren, you are my hero! That was so great! I don't know when I'll get back to Atlanta for a game but there'll be a batch of sugar cookies with your name on it when I do.

Lauren T. said...

Glad you guys are enjoying Spotlight -- like I said, it's just not right that because you live outside a certain cable border, you can't see this wonderful program. I hope it gets as much replay as Frenchy's Spotlight does! :)

As for last night's game -- YAY. I don't think the next two (or 12) will be so easy, but this was a good start!

Jenna said...

The Sox are definitely not my #2 team, but I loves me some Nick Green. I still wear his jersey to most games.

Lauren T. said...

That's right! Hey, did you get all moved in today? And did you get to see Spotlight: Baby?

Jenna said...

Yes and yes! You need to come over and see my new place - it's so cute!

Alison said...

Re: Why don't our boys do that?

Because we're a boring team. I'm sorry. I love our boys, but the Braves are BORING. They're all super careful, super politically correct, straight-laced, and boring.

I'm not even asking for scandal! I want to see some eccentricities instead of hiding behind what PR tells them they can say.