Monday, June 29, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Red Sox 6-27-09

Being able to see my favorite two teams play each other was an awesome treat. It just would have been nice if I could have actually seen the game. ;) My friend Jen and I were on row 24 of section 418, so it was pretty difficult to follow the game from that height and angle. Losing 1-0 behind a spectacular pitching performance by New Javy didn't help, nor did the incessant heat! I swear, I sweated for six hours straight. :D

BP pics!

- Roger McDowell was in RF, hitting balls to D-Lowe in the far LF corner, and Lowe was throwing them back to Eddie Perez in the far RF corner. It was an amazing display of athletic ability; I'm certain I couldn't throw that far.

- Smoltz did some long-toss before heading into the bullpen, where Baby went to visit him. :)

- Frenchy fielded grounders at 3B with Chipper, and KJ later mocked the way Frenchy throws the same way from 3rd to 1st as RF to home. :D

- Aww, this is the first time this year I remember seeing them hang out alone. *sniffle*

- Catchers!

- MattE!

- JB tosses a ball to some eager fans.

- Jon Lester is a huge dude.

- Gonzo (with Blow Pop in mouth) "races" Jair back to the dugouts -- Gonzo running backwards. :D

- Former Braves Mark Kotsay and Nick Green

- Pedroia's so tiny and bald. I love him.

Now, up to the super-hot super-high seats in the outfield!

- Here's Boone Logan, getting some hugs from a blonde girl. I like how several people in the section are taking a picture from their respective seats, one with a cell phone. ;)

- Lineups! The person sitting to my right called it our B team. :/ I'm sad Varitek wasn't catching.

- Big Papi and Youk warm up

- During the pop-fly pre-game game, Kots helped the contestant know which direction the ball was going to go. The guy won 25,000 Delta Sky Miles!

- Medlen dancing for the crowd with the MLP bag. :D Pic 1 ~ Pic 2

- When did Frenchy get red shoes? (BTW, is anyone familiar with the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, "The Red Shoes"? That's the first thing I though of when I saw his shoes. Also, real fairy tales are creepy!)

- Tiny boy waiting to have BMac sign a ball for him. Mac was the only player who squatted down for his kid. *Hint hint*

- Dane Cook shouted "Play Ball!"

- YOUK! signs :)

- Tek!

- "Chowda", really? I have to say, I'd be a little offended if I went to a game in Boston and they typed out our Southern drawl phonetically in a between-innings game. :/

- The Tools get ready for the tool race. Tool race!!

- Great game, New Javy. <3 - Look at how much the cotton candy shrank in the heat!

- They have mini-fireworks (really, just a spray of sparks) squirt out of the Gas South sign after each Braves pitcher records a strikeout now.

Random fans!

- Santa Claus, with Braves stocking hat

- It's Fred McGriff!

- Nomaaaahhhhhh!

- Coco Crisp!

- 73*

- Red Sox baby

- "Demon", haha

Final score, 1-0. :( It took a full half-hour to get to the car (usually 10 minutes) and another half-hour to get on the interstate (usually 3 minutes, literally) because of these insane crowds:

Have I mentioned I hate crowds? I do. I really, really do.

Full album here. In case you weren't following the Twitter feed on Saturday, here are the tweets from the game...

D-Lowe is the only one on the field. He#7 catching flies hit to him by Roger. :D
1:12 PM Jun 27th from txt

Smoltzie doing long toss in deep left field.
1:22 PM Jun 27th from txt

Frenchy's playing 3rd base with Chipper!
1:37 PM Jun 27th from txt

Baby just ran into the visitor's dugout - Smoltzie is still in there. :)
1:57 PM Jun 27th from txt

KJ's mocking how Frenchy throws from RF. :D
2:20 PM Jun 27th from txt

Papelbon was just dancing in rhythm to Rihanna's SOS. :D
2:32 PM Jun 27th from txt

Just passed a girl with a Boston B tattoo on her ankle. Awse!
3:23 PM Jun 27th from txt

Tek isn't catching! Sadness.
3:51 PM Jun 27th from txt

Dane Cook said, Play Ball!
4:11 PM Jun 27th from txt

Krotchman's intro song is totally Low by Flo Rida.
4:44 PM Jun 27th from txt

Blanco's song - Akon's Survivor
5:00 PM Jun 27th from txt

The Dugout Diner is out of ice!
5:54 PM Jun 27th from txt

MattE on deck!
6:24 PM Jun 27th from txt -
6:27 PM Jun 27th from TwitPic

The guys behind me are singing George of the Jungle at Kottaras. Ha!
6:42 PM Jun 27th from txt

Huge traffic jam at the stairs! This is ridiculous.
7:06 PM Jun 27th from txt -
7:07 PM Jun 27th from TwitPic

@[reader] Jen bought me a pretzel with cheese, and it seems like I'm bad luck this year!!
10:40 PM Jun 27th from web in reply to [reader]


CABravesFan said...

Love, as always :)

That 73* shirt cracked me up! Awesome :)

JJ & Gonzo (and dancing Medlen) make me so happy!

and how cute was Mac with that little kid? I got another image in my head of little baby Macs running around one day and him fawning all over them...AWWWW!

Lauren T. said...

73* reminded me of 756*. :D

Jen said...

I got there too late to witness the Blow Pop in person. I guess the pics of it will have to do. Thanks! ;)

I did, however, get to experience the Red Sox bullpen right next to me. It's kinda weird to look to your right and see Papelbohn sitting right there! I also noticed that Manny Del Carmen is kinda hot.

I would've enjoyed this game a lot more if: a) Gonzo had pitched, b) we had won, and c) my section of the stadium hadn't run out of water by the 4th inning. :(

Lauren T. said...

I had to walk halfway around the upper deck to find a spot that had ice! Crazy!

Amy said...

Wow, Frenchy's red shoes are... festive. I think they're fairly new, because that's the first I've seen them, too. I did notice the other night that both he and Kots had black/dark shoes with red laces.

flbravesgirl said...

Thank you, Fearless Leader!

CA, that was adorable. I can picture him being a great dad.

Love Kris dancing with the MLP bag. He makes me smile.

~*Katie*~ said...


I was there saturday... chipper squatted down some when he was signing the autograph for his kid.

Don't get me wrong I love the Red Sox (they're my AL team) but the fans we were sitting by were sooo obnoxious!

And I agree we were sitting in 244L and we were in the shade and I was still sweating bullets.

Lauren T. said...

Ah, sorry I missed that, Katie. I make a point to look at Chipper as little as possible, so frankly, I didn't see him squat. ;)