Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 Home Run Derby Live Blog!

Afterthoughts: My apologies for not actually covering the HRD like a real journalist would. The "live blog" kinda turned into a chat room, and while I enjoyed that and I'm sure the participants did as well, there were other people reading who were probably looking for actual HR counts and things. Sorry, y'all! I'll do better next time. It was a little difficult with the blog full of comments that had to be approved and a living room full of 9 extra people and a dog! :D

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flbravesgirl said...

Congrats to Prince. That was quite a display, not only in number of homers but in total distance. I don't know how you could not like him. He looks like a giant chipmunk, plus I always remember the "lucky gravy" commercial when I see him. And you've gotta love who's so obviously crazy about his kids.