Monday, July 13, 2009

2009 Home Run Derby is tonight!

Just like last year, I'll be live-blogging the 2009 State Farm Home Run Derby. A few friends have promised to come over, and I hope you'll join us via IM (see the Meebo box on the side of the blog). I'm looking into a few live-blog options that will work out better than y'all constantly refreshing the page, so we'll see what we come up with.

Who are you cheering for tonight? I've gotta pull for the big guy, Prince Fielder. I heart him a little... okay, a lot. :D (Could someone please explain to me how he can be a true vegetarian and maintain that body mass? I don't understand.)

I have to give a little shout-out to my friend Angella (the one who helped me count how many times Teix adjusted himself in a half-inning last year), who's on a mission in Korea and therefore won't be joining us. I heard Prince has his name tattooed on his neck in Korean, because he thought it looks cool. Nice!

This article tells the story of the tattoo and says the word is pronounced "wangja, with two long a’s". Hee hee.

Um, back to the actual topic, the Home Run Derby airs tonight at 8pm ET on ESPN. Hope to talk to you then!


Amanda said...

Eh I don't really like any of those guys except Adrian Gonzalez. I don't know a thing about him but Carlos Pena was cute with his comments about how excited he is so it would be fun to see him win as well. Anybody but Albert, right?

Have fun at your derby party!

Lauren T. said...

Poo-holes!! Kidding, kidding. I'm cheering for several of the guys. I adore Joe Mauer and think Ryan Howard is pretty dang cute too.

Crista Michelle said...

im so going for Brandon Inge.
Don't know why, but I am :)

데미안 said...

"wangja" in Korean = prince.

go Hanson ROY!