Monday, July 20, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Mets 7-18-09

Real life is getting in the way of blogging right now. It's quarter-end at work and I'm busier than usual -- I got to leave earlier than expected today, after only 9 hours. My dad called as I was sitting in traffic, and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey Deddy!
Dad: Hey Sister! What are you doing?
Me: Driving home, what are you up to?
Dad: Oh, sittin' in this hospital bed.
Me: ...What??

We still don't know what's wrong, but by the time I got out to their town, he was hooked up to oxygen and got a heart monitor pretty soon. He's having more tests overnight and tomorrow, and hopefully will be able to go home tomorrow.

So -- this is the game day post from Saturday. Here are the pictures and videos -- if you have questions about anything, please post in the comments and I'll get to them when I can.


flbravesgirl said...

Hope your dad is feeling better soon, Lauren. And take care of yourself too. We can be patient while life interferes with your blog-mistress duties. (((hug)))

Crista Michelle said...

I hope your father feels better, Lauren. He's in my prayers :D

Lauren T. said...

Thanks, y'all. I did forget to mention that I got to meet Amanda on Saturday, and she was very cool. Hopefully we can chat more next time! :)

Stacey said...

Hope your dad gets better soon.

CABravesFan said...

Hope you dad is doing OK! Thoughts and prayers to your family

Leah said...

Hope your dad feels better!