Friday, July 17, 2009

Crazy Train vs Let's Go

I need to rant for a minute, y'all. Please stop sending me messages like this:

You're wrong, and so is everyone else who sends me this message at least once per week! I was talking to my non-sports-fan friend Holly (who loves music in general) after I saw this...

[09:20] Lauren: May I gripe about a blog thing for just a second?
[09:21] Holly: sure!
[09:21] Lauren:
[09:21] Lauren: I'm trying to keep track of everyone's intro or up-to-bat song
[09:21] Lauren: and I'm really, REALLY tired of people telling me I'm "wrong" "so wrong" about Chipper's intro song.
[09:21] Lauren: There are two listed there.
[09:22] Lauren: His original intro song, the one he used from '93 to whenever the new version came out, was Ozzy's "Crazy Train"
[09:22] Lauren: when "Let's Go" by Lil Jon came out, Chipper switched to that song.
[09:22] Lauren: "Let's Go" samples "Crazy Train" -- you can hear it if you listen to both songs
[09:23] Lauren: I have been to a lot of games and watch almost all of them on TV, and since "Let's Go" was released, I've heard Chipper come to bat to Original Crazy Train once. ONCE.
[09:24] Lauren: Stop telling me that "Let's Go" is wrong and "Crazy Train" is right! I know what I hear, and what I hear is Lil Jon screaming to a Crazy Train beat!
[09:24] Lauren: RRRRRRG
[09:25] Holly: heh, how could you miss the big black guy screaming over Ozzy?
[09:25] Lauren: I DON'T KNOW
[09:25] Holly: that's funny.
[09:25] Lauren: It's aggravating.
[09:25] Holly: I just listened to the sample on Amazon.
[09:26] Holly: Those are some stupid and/or unobservant people
[09:26] Lauren: Thank you.

Seriously, readers. Stop telling me Chipper uses "Crazy Train" and not "Let's Go", ok? Love you bye. :)


Amanda said...

LOL thats quite a rant. You should record it sometime at a game for video/audio proof.

To be fair, tv people only hear like 1 second so I can see why/how they'd be all 'you're wrong!' about it.

Lauren T. said...

Oh, and by the way, even ESPN says it's "Let's Go". The official artist is Trick Daddy, but the part Chipper uses features Lil Jon.

CABravesFan said...

Love the rant Lauren! You are starting to sound just like me...that really should worry you :)

flbravesgirl said...

:-) Lauren. Deep breath, dear!

All that people can hear on TV is the opening notes. Don't know why they feel the need to argue with you about it though, when you've explained it numerous times.

Lauren T. said...

FL, thanks, I have taken many deep breaths today. :D Work is really stressy, and I think one too many Chipper and Maddux IMs got to me.

Look y'all, I'm not saying I'm the foremost source of Braves information out there. I love the boys and I love going to games, and I do NOT know everything. However, I can hear Lil Jon and Trick Daddy and Twista over the televised broadcasts all the time! I'm certain I'm not mistaking a yelling urban man for heavy guitars. Between the two songs, the key is different, the volume is different, has yelling in the intro!

Four more hours... I can make it out of work today...

Jo said...

Hahaha, ZING!

Amy V said...

Anyone who uses Dr. Cox to prove their point is never wrong!

Amanda said...

I actually paid very close attention to everyone's intro music today because of this post lol. Yes, Chipper clearly uses Lets Go, McCann has a new song I couldn't identify, and I really like Yunel's song!

SCJ said...

It's "All The Above" by Maino ft. Tpain.

Brian's got the best songs. I love his choices.

Lauren T. said...

I'm positive Brian's is Kanye West's "Amazing". Where did you hear it's "All The Above"?

SCJ said...

Yeah, I'm the one who told ya it was "Amazing". But he's got plenty. The newest one is "All The Above".

I figured Amanda was referring to the new one since "Amazing" is already listed.

Lauren T. said...

I'm not trying to be rude, SCJ, but I've never heard the Maino song on TV or in the stadium. I was there yesterday and they only played Kanye. I'll ask again -- where did you hear his current song is "All The Above"? I want to have the most correct information here possible, but I haven't heard this song.

Amanda said...

lol yeah I heard the same song as Lauren heard yesterday. :D But I did see someone mention a Maino song for him on the DOB blog recently, I'll see if I can get an ID on it for ya.

Amanda said...

Oh nevermind, SCJ did ID it. My bad. But unless that was her on DOB's blog, I did read someone mention that song and that their brother mixed it or sampled it or whatever for Brian to use. I'll see if I can find exactly what they said.

Lauren T. said...

For the record, I heard "Amazing" over ESPN on Baby's first at-bat tonight. The song went on for a while.

SCJ said...

I don't think you're being rude! I gotcha on the correct info. part.

And that wasn't me talking about Maino on DOB's blog.

But just listen to all of his songs when you go next time.

Matthew said...

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SCJ said...

k, bottom 6th, two outs- Brian comes to bat. (You still record the games right?) You can hear Tpain in the background of Joe & Boog.

The beginning of All the Above is like:

"Tell me what do you see,
when you're lookin at me.
I'm on a mission to be,
what i'm destined to be