Sunday, July 26, 2009

Huddy's pitching in Gwinnett tomorrow!

With Atlanta pitcher Tim Hudson on the rehab trail, Gwinnett fans can see the former Braves ace on the mound in the series finale on Monday at Gwinnett Stadium.

Please let me know if you can go! So exciting!


The game will air on CSS at 7pm!


Amanda said...

So jealous of your Comcast Sports channel. I used to have that channel. I'm still bitter that I didn't get to see the thing where Chipper was at Slope's. :|

Jen said...

You shouldn't be jealous. After all, the Gwinnett games are called by Josh Caray (who's more like his brother than his father) and Brian Jordan. It's painful.

Lauren T. said...

Josh isn't as bad to me as Chip, but the team of Josh & BJ doesn't sound as -- let's say 'smooth and professional' -- as a major-league broadcast. Josh is still young (younger than I am!), and BJ's an athlete. I don't set my expectations very high. ;)