Sunday, August 2, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Dodgers 7-31-09

No color adjustment on this picture!

Thanks for dragging me out there, Jenna. :) It was a super-fun game!

I got to the stadium about 10 minutes before Jenna, so I chilled in the shade and crowd-watched for a little bit. This was the line about 5 minutes before the gates opened, and this was the line when the gates were actually open and people were filing in. It's great to see so many fans at the game, even if a lot of them were in blue & white. ;)

BP was more fun than the last few have been. Several pitchers played pitcher-catcher together...

O'Flaherty & Moylan

Logan & Gonzo

Acosta & Soriano

And some guys are better at special high-fives with Rossy than others:

EOF brought out baby Dasani water bottles in his glove and blow pops in his back pocket, but JJ and Gonzo were only interested in the water. To quote Jenna: "I'll take your blow pop, O'Flaherty!" EOF was also "shooting" the loose baseballs towards the holder as if they were basketballs...and didn't make a single shot. Aww. :)

Other miscellaneous:

- Atlanta Police helicopter buzzing the stadium -- have no idea why.

- Infante taking infield practice at SS, and doing a good job!

- MattE, looking cute. :)

- Moylan giving JJ a rubdown 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

- Dodgers: Manny, Ausmus (LOVE), and Fookie

Before heading to our seats, Jenna wandered into the Clubhouse Store while I found my brother who was there with a friend of his. Jenna sent me three pictures of the outrageous amount of Dodgers crap in the Clubhouse store -- not just one rack of t-shirts, but a whole section of Dodgers gear and souvenirs! Check out her pictures: 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

That's not right.

Game Time!

- Baby stretching

- Joe & Chip prepping for the PTV broadcast

- Hanson warming up

- Fookie!

- Manny in the on-deck circle, and his Friday night reception by the fans at Turner Field:

- Hanson's jumbotron pic

- Home Depot Tool Race! Paintbrush TOTALLY shoves Drill down! NOT COOL. (but definitely funny)

- After the Diamond Dry was applied to the home-plate area

- The Rossy / Baby tradeoff

- EOF, giving his back a good stretch

- Medlen in to pitch!

- This was my actual view for most of the game. I swear, this guy's head was HUGE.

Braves lose. I really don't remember the last time I went to a game where we won -- maybe I should stop going? :D

Full album here!

PS -- I was entertained 100% by the Braves Organist's choices of intro music, as you could see in the Twitter feed. He's brilliant. I hope you could hear some of them over the broadcast! :)


Jessica said...

I went on Saturday when the gates opened and it was crazy crowded (and there were a TON of Dodgers fans). I LOVE the Braves organist and his choices. I also LOVE Soriano's video. He has to be the coolest (and scariest) closer ever.

Lauren T. said...

Jessica, the TMNT theme song for Rafael Furcal was my friend Bryce's idea, and my idea was Old McDonald Had a Farm for James McDonald. We sent the suggestions to @bravesorganist on Twitter and he totally played them! Good times. :D

Stacey said...

LOL about your luck at games. I've been to three games at The Ted, and the Braves have won all three in great fashion. The most recent was the 11-1 stomping of the Mets. I wish I could get to more :D

Amanda said...

What is the TMNT song? I can't hear the organ on tv. :(

Lauren T. said...

Amanda, click here. :) Raphael was one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. :D

Jessica said...

That's awesome, Lauren! Maybe I'll send in a few suggestions. What I'd really like is to interview him and ask him how he comes up them (other than suggestions). You have to really pay attention to figure some of them out, but they are awesome

Spunky said...

I could only pick up one on TV, it sounded like "Once Upon A Dream" from Sleeping Beauty which he played for Orlando Hudson...which I thought about for a bit, and then figured it was because Disney World is in Orlando. I wish I could hear more of them, it's fun trying to figure them out.

I was a big Ninja Turtle fan as a kid, so I think playing that for Furcal is brilliant. ;)

Lizziebeth said...

Beautiful intro shot!! Great candids of the guys, as usual.