Sunday, September 6, 2009

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs. Reds 9-4-09

Can't complain about corporate tix -- thanks again, B's dad's office! :)

The game's score wasn't in our favor, so we won't talk about what you could see on TV. Instead, enjoy some pictures, please!


- Clint!

- New Javy and Boone's intimate conversation

(by the time we were allowed to go to our ticketed seats, the last round was batting -- Nate, KJ, Clint, and Brooks Conrad)

- Clint & KJ

- Chipper talking to some friends, and with his arm around a young fan. Hopefully he's wiser with his choice of words to this youngster than he was towards my brother.

- Speaking of Brother, he caught a Reds home run in BP! pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3

- Braves BP is over. It felt like it ended earlier than usual. pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ Moylan's "Smoltzie" 'do

Time out -- speaking of "The Smoltzie", if you haven't seen the video on the Braves Multimedia page, here you go. There was a longer interview on Braves Live, but this captures the essence perfectly. :)

Finally, the cutest picture of JJ I have ever had the pleasure of capturing. :)

Between BP and first pitch:

- Boog!

- Fred Hickman from Braves Live and Ronnie Gant's *awful* pants: pic 1 ~ pic 2

- Huddy's Roberto Clemente award for community service, with his wife Kim and one of the families they helped.

- Tool Parade

- Brooks Conrad in a "closest to the pin" contest. His shot was very good, but he didn't win. pic 1 ~ pic 2 ~ pic 3 ~ pic 4

- Chipper and LaRoche warming up together.

- Gay Lumberjack alert! Get a room, boys! ;)

Game Time!

- Pre-game intros: Lowe ~ Baby ~ LaRoche ~ Prado ~ Chipper ~ Escobar ~ Infante ~ Church ~ MattE!

- Lowe on the mound

- Batting circle: MattE 1 ~ MattE 2 ~ Baby 1 ~ Baby 2 ~ LaRoche

- Bo and Daisy Duke were on hand to sign autographs and sing the national anthem very, very slowly. Video here, check out Joe laughing.

- Puddy!

Tool race!

("The Boss" is my favorite EVER at-bat song for Mac)

- Moylan's beard

- Kawakami came in to pitch a no-hit inning with a strikeout. pic 1 ~ pic 2

- Dear Braves / Publix Fireworks planning staff: Chubby Checker is "Golden Oldies". The Beatles are NOT. They can be considered "oldies", but slapping the word "golden" in front indicates music from the 1950s -- doo-wop and pop. I don't even know that much about music but I know that! :p

Full album here. Good times. :) Have a great Labor Day, everyone!


Crista Michelle said...

1) JJ is amazing. I want my own copy :]

2) I STILL LOVE PETE. Not even bad hair can change that. :].

3) Kim and Huddy are amazing. They're fun people to talk too and their work is amazing. In my fantasy after I marry a ball player, I hope I can be as charitable as they are :]... but of course, that's fantasy. I honestly don't think I COULD marry a ball player and be a journalist :/

Morgan said...

What happened with Chipper and your brother? I feel like I missed something...

Lauren T. said...

I've never posted that and I don't plan to. Don't worry, but that's the #1 reason I can't stand Chipper.

Amanda said...

Good pics as always, Lauren.

Chipper's friend in the white shirt is some NASCAR driver. They were in his suite that night, must be good friends.

Amanda said...

And I love the Huddy's. What great people they are.

Morgan said...

Lauren- Totally fine, I understand. Chipper is my least favorite okayer EVER to play for the Braves. I don't care how many times he's helped us win, I think the team would be better without his ego. Most people don't agree with me though :)

Morgan said...

And that's supposed to be player :)

flbravesgirl said...

What is Yunel doing in the GL pic? Maybe I don't want to know. Will someone please invent a better-fitting cup/supporter so we don't have to see so many"adjustments"?

Lauren T. said...

Hee. Watch David Ross and his cup issues. ;)

Are the cups sized? You can't tell me all those boys have the same size junk. You couldn't take 40 random women and shove them in the same sized bra!

MollyG said...

Only game I got to go to this year. We lucked into some pretty good outfield seats and the tool race finish line was right in front of us. Drill almost made a come back!

Lauren T. said...

They keep trying to tell us Drill ("Two Bit", hee hee) has never won, but I *swear* I've been there when he has. I need to go back and look at my videos.

MollyG said...

Oh and thats a great pic of JJ. I was really bummed he wasn't going to be pitching while I was there.

Katie said...

I go out of town for a few days and they lose five in a row, geez.

Anyways, I was in Nashville this weekend and as we were leaving Opry Mills mall my dad mentioned that there had been some Christian singer named Johnny Diaz inside signing and asked me if I had ever heard of him. So of course, I was really excited and told him who it was, but we were too far into the parking lot to go back and meet him ;)

flbravesgirl said...

I have no idea, Lauren. Anybody know a guy who has participated in organized sports that we can ask? We promise not ask his .. err, cup size if they are sized.

Lauren T. said...

Katie, I hear Jonny's really nice! Too bad you couldn't meet him. :)

flbravesgirl, I'm working on the gameday post from the AAA game I attended today, and a former Brave HAS to have his cup custom-made. He's...not small.