Saturday, September 5, 2009

I *finally* got a MattE shirt!!

(Picture by my friend B in a scary-empty parking lot behind Legends)

Thanks for loaning me $4, Lizziebeth; I am SO EXCITED TO HAVE THIS SHIRT!!! This is his fourth season with the Braves and I would have had a shirt in 2006 if I could have found one. It was $24 at a vendor stand at the map below -- tonight they only had "my" large and two XXLs left, but they were expecting more soon. (I bought my first McCann shirt here in 2005 -- they always have them before the clubhouse store does!)

Real pics tomorrow -- in the meantime, get yourself a MattE shirt! :D

(Corner of Ralph David Abernathy and Pulliam St, just under the bridge and across Pulliam)


Crista Michelle said...

As happy as I am for you, Lauren, and as much as I love MattE,

A) I just spent $110 on a pink personalized jersey

B)I'm about to spend some money on a Jonny Diaz shirts

I love the Diaz Brothers, but as of now, Jonny is my favorite. :)

I hope you had fun tonight! Hopefully, my friend Akiliah from school newspaper staff will be able to give you all wonderful pictures of Huddy :]
(provided we get a ride. our ONLY problem :[)

flbravesgirl said...

Yay, Lauren!!!