Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some odd images from last night...

Baby bunting with an injured wrist (get well soon!).

JJ just stopped running on the way to first and let Figueroa tag him out, then walked back to the Braves' dugout. I know Roger McDowell is of the "don't wear yourself out on the basepaths, pitcher" mentality, but I don't remember ever seeing a player just stop halfway down the baseline when he wasn't injured. I'm sure JJ was just doing as instructed, but it was strange.

Do any of these guys look like we just won the ball game? (Check out the larger version of the picture.)Also, Rossy's cup is insane. It's always poking out at the weirdest angles! I don't even notice most of the guys' cups, but when it's horizontal instead of vertical, you can't not see it, right? :D

11 games to go, kids!

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