Thursday, October 15, 2009

I saw Huddy and Murph today!

Don't I have the worst camera phone ever? That's Tim Hudson in the center and Dale Murphy on the right.

At the client's office today, I got a mass voice mail encouraging all associates to come to the United Way rally. I kinda zoned out for a second because I already contribute as much as I can afford to the charity of my choice on a very regular basis, but I had a feeling I should keep listening. THEN they told us that Huddy and Murph would be here! YAY! I kinda stopped listening after that (again) until they repeated the location and time.

The admin said she'd cover for me while I took an "early lunch" (at 10:45) to snag a seat. We watched some "inspirational" videos of families helped by the United Way and what felt like forever later, the guys were introduced and took the stage. The intros were very complimentary, Murph talked for a couple of minutes about the law of service (a concept that sounded a lot like karma), and Huddy got a little choked up when talking about "selfish giving". I wish I could have videoed the little speeches -- Murph was smooth and you could tell he is well-versed in public speaking, while Huddy was clearly more emotional while talking about how he loves to help, and how good it makes him feel [hand on chest], and how it makes him want to help more.

They encouraged everyone to donate, even though times are tough for everyone right now.

After we clapped appropriately and the sports stars descended the stage, they introduced former American Idol contestant Michael Johns. He sang four songs (including these) and he actually had a really nice voice. (I haven't watched AI since Ruben won.) Then they did a raffle and it seemed like about 60% of the numbers they pulled had already left the event, haha. The whole thing went far too long for the amount of Huddy and Murph we got! :D

As far as I could tell, there wasn't an autograph or photo opportunity, which was fine, because I'd been away from my desk so long I'm sure people were getting suspicious! :) So, sorry the picture stinks, but that's the best one I took!

There's not much going on this time of year -- if you hear of anything or have an experience like this, please email me! It was a fun surprise for such a dreary Thursday. :)

ETA: In case you missed the tweets, here are a few other things I mentioned...
- No wives.
- Murph's outfit: sport coat, white shirt, gray pants.
- Huddy's outfit: blue oxford, brown pleated baggy pants from 1993.
- Huddy's head had not been shaved in a few days. ;)


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The right place at the right time, eh, Lauren? Nice way to brighten up the workday.

I liked Michael on AI & he was great at the concert. Good to hear he's using that springboard to do some good.