Friday, October 16, 2009

Mr. Doubletalk

An anonymous reader sent this video through the Meebo box. While I do think it's funny, it gets a little long. As a heads up, these are the guys you're looking for: New Javy, Tiny Dancer, Moylan, O'Flaherty, and Prado. Marteen is the last Brave, and he's only in one scene.

Nice shirt, Marteen. ;) And I love that Pete gets the joke immediately!


slappywhite said...

Kris Medlen's face is sooo funny. He is so annoyed.

Lizziebeth said...

I can't wait until I get to a computer I can hear and see this better on (at my volunteer thing right now)...I bet I'm in the background (ugh). Hopefully my camera is blocking my face, lol. It was Family Day back in August; I was wondering who this guy was!

Lizziebeth said...

Ha ha ha! I cannot wait to rag William (in the beige Braves shirt) about this - he was Sandy's "supervisor" this season. And yes, that is a female with him.
And ooooo, Odarp's laugh. yum!

Amy V said...

The Braves were funny, but the Red Sox one (on the side of the youtube page) is hilarious! Can we have Jason Bay, please?!