Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heyward for 2010?


The Braves may also spend the next couple weeks and months searching for an outfielder. But because it seems likely they will be willing to give Jason Heyward a chance to begin the 2010 season in their outfield, this doesn't seem to be as great of a concern.

Matt Diaz and Nate McLouth are in place to fill the other outfield spots. To provide some insurance in the event that Heyward isn't able to make the successful jump to the Majors, Atlanta may at least attempt to find an affordable veteran outfielder.
" seems likely..." doesn't mean this is absolutely happening, but I'm glad it's a consideration. I was very impressed by Heyward a couple of months ago when we got to see him in Gwinnett, and I hope he has as much success as BMac (as opposed to some of the other recent farm hands). ;)

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