Sunday, November 15, 2009

Turner Field Tour 2009

Some friends and I took the free tour yesterday, I got to meet some more blog readers (hi!), and frankly, I didn't take very many pictures. I was having battery issues, and the tour is the same every year. (We even had the same tour guide!) Here's the best:

Mini-fridge in the TV broadcast booth

Also in the TV broadcast booth - I submitted this photo to :D

The stadium organ

Hydrotherapy tub in the trainer's room

I do hope New Javy is back for 2010, and maybe beyond. He was a great addition to the 2009 team.



Ariana said...

Vazquez... :)

flbravesgirl said...

I hope that nameplate is there next season too.

CABravesFan said...

Will he still be New Javy if he comes back? Or will we have to come up with a new name?

Lauren T. said...

He'll always be New Javy, because Old Javy was my original Regular Javy. Does that make sense? :D