Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Inaugural Brian McCann Rally Celebrity Softball Game

The softball game Friday night at Georgia Tech was very fun! Here are some pictures, links, etc. if you missed all the good times. :)

My photo album, full of horrible shaky pictures article

My Fox Atlanta video interview with BMac

An amazing Flickr album of the evening (thanks for the tip, Lizziebeth!)

A few comments...

- A couple Braves family members participated - Baby's wife Ashley, Baby's mom (who reminded me a little of my mom, in her ponytail!), and Chipper's wife Sharon. I spotted Ron Gant's wife Heather, but she didn't play.

- Everyone seemed to be having the most fun EVER.

- If you missed the tweet, Huddy tried to pants Baby during the game. That was awesome.

- Huddy hit three home runs in the pre-game home run derby. Andruw ended up winning the derby in a hit-off with minor leaguer Cody Johnson.

- Cody is a BEAST. I love him.


McCann Can Triple said...

What the heck Chipper?

and I don't get to see Sharon much.

I wish I could have gone.

Leah said...

We had a good time, too! Some of the occurrences on field were just too funny/cute. 1) Ashley smacking Mac on the butt, surprising him, and then him hugging her, grinning. Plus, his comments about her sleeping in the garage and her unable to swing. Mac and Ashley = major cuteness. 2) David Pollack busting his butt mid-catch, then totally missing the ball. 3) Mac "paying" $100 to get one of the Rally Kids to chase and squirt Chipper in freezing weather, among many other.

And what do you know, Mac predicted the score right in his interview! :) Does he have a smallish mohawk in the interview or was his hair spiked up in the front? I couldn't tell. :\

Lauren T. said...

He's got the Kewpie doll hair going again -- I like it. :)

Leah said...

That style seems to fit him. Still not sure about the goatee, though. It looks better in person somewhat, I guess, lol.