Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We have a new closer!

Former Met Billy Wagner has signed with the Braves. Guess they weren't waiting on Gonzo or Sori, huh? More info in the following links... (Rosenthal) (Crasnick) (O'Brien)

The good news: He has always, always wanted to be a Brave. That's a big deal to me, and makes me automatically like him more. Also, he's really, really good. Read the articles!

The bad news: He's 38 and had Tommy John late in '08 and missed most of '09 in recovery. Hmmm.

Welcome aboard, Billy!

ETA: Full press conference video


Jessica said...

My first reaction was that I intensely dislike him, but then I realized...that's cuz he was a Met. So, hopefully he recovers nicely and can be a great closer for us! Welcome, Billy!

Lauren T. said...

If it helps, he was most recently with the Red Sox, and Red Sox nation hates the Yankees as much as most Braves fans do. :D

Jenna said...

I am very amused by the picture. What exactly is going on there? :)

Lauren T. said...

To quote Friends...

Monica: We were playing a game.

Rachel: Ew, was Chandler naked? Sort of like a, like a ring toss kind of situation?

Monica: Sure.

Chandler: What?! No! No!

Rachel: All right. Well listen, if you see Joey will you just tell him uh...tell him I miss him. (Exits and Joey enters.)

Monica: (To Joey) Okay, did you hear that?

Joey: Yeah, a naked bagel game? (Picks up his dropped bagel.) (To Chandler) Dude, I don’t know. That’s a pretty small hole.

(a few minutes later)

Joey: Yeah. Okay. (Goes to take a bite out of the previously mentioned bagel.) Whoa! (Stops.) I almost forgot this was on your...

Chandler: (interrupting him) We didn’t play it!!

CABravesFan said...

I like Billy Wagner but why does he look like he has...ummm..."special needs"??

BaseballGuy said...

This chump is not better than Gonzo. Way to go Braves - looks like Gonzo will go to the Yanks or the Sox. Offering a guy this old 7 mill after coming off of major surgery? Just plain stupid.

Lauren T. said...

Hey, I never said he was better than Gonzo. He did have a promising run at the end of last season, though. I really enjoyed watching him with the Red Sox.