Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome aboard, Takashi Saito!

While we're taking players from the 2009 Red Sox, I'm sure we could find a place for Youuuuuuuuk! and Varitek. Too bad we're overloaded on 2B -- I'd take my Lil Chipmunk Pedroia too. :D

Oh, and now Kawakami will have a countryman in the clubhouse. That's important. :)

Link to press conference, live at 4:30pm ET

Welcome, Saito-san!


Jessica said...

Cute picture! And, I'm very happy for Kawakami. I hope they get to be great friends.

Lauren T. said...

Aww, his birthday's Valentine's Day... of 1970. He'll be 40 for the 2010 season. Eeek.

flbravesgirl said...

Apparently KK helped recruit him, which is really cool & shows how much he likes being a Brave.