Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 Braves Page-a-day Calendar

At the mall this weekend with Jo, I saw a storefront with signs in the window that read, "All Calendars $1". One dollar, I thought? I suppose it IS February...

Jo and I went in just to browse -- we both already have all the 2010 calendars we need, or so we thought! The boxes of page-a-day calendars were only $1 too! So, I got a Braves one, obviously. Here are links to images of the "good" ones we've missed so far this year.

Trivia: Hall of Famers

Fact: Andruw Jones

Trivia: Last Brave to win an RBI title

Fact: The Bees

Trivia: Six straight post-season strikeouts

Trivia: "As of 2007..." ...Wait, when did they print this 2010 calendar??

If any other good pages come up I'll scan them in. Most are stupid, though -- Monday's asked, "What 19-year-old Braves player hit home runs in his first two at-bats in the 1996 World Series?" Well, #1, if you don't know the answer is Andruw Jones you probably weren't watching the Braves in 1996, and #2, when's the last time we had a 19-year-old on the team? I don't think there's been one since Andruw!

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