Monday, February 8, 2010

Say Cheese!

Loving the double chin, the even-further-receding hairline, and the intense concentration on the camera. (What can I say; I probably make the same face at my camera! ha!) Not much belly -- good for him!

More pics from the Braves trip to the VA hospital here.

PS -- Anyone watch Millionaire Matchmaker? The rerun on right now has a millionaire named Tyler who totally reminds me of Mac.


Lauren T. said...

"No, I'm not gonna get a spray tan!"
[video cut]
"I'm not gonna be painted!"
[video cut]
"Because I'm a guy!"

I swear, this guy could be BMac's brother! ...Except, not Brad.

cal ;) said...

love this picture!

CABravesFan said...

Mac is looking rather svelte these days...

He's still adorable, but I kninda miss the belly ;)

flbravesgirl said...

He's still cuddly & teddybearish-looking, CA.