Monday, February 8, 2010

Crista saw the Braves Caravan in Stockbridge, GA!

In Crista's words...

Well, James Parr was so good with Lil Brendan. He made a funny little noise and Brendan responded in his little language. He was very sweet.

Roger McDowell made fun of the Homer the Brave signature I got on my hat (it looks like a kindergartner or first grader's handwriting with a cute little smiley face).

I really enjoyed seeing Don Sutton and he gave me some quick tips for radio when I told him that it was a career path I would like to go down some day, he advised me not to do rap DJ-ing and all this fun stuff. He seemed really touched when I told him he was kind of like an inspiration to me.

Tommy Hanson was really, really fun! Last year at AutographFest, I made the comment (being the 14 year old girl I was) of how cute I thought he was. It was really fun, because he remembered it! I asked him about it and he said I looked familiar-- after two seconds he finally got it and it was a funny scene. He was a really nice guy, and I'm so excited to see him next year!

Last but not least was my favorite part of the night. It's no secret that I have a soft spot for Lee Hyde because he graduated from the school I'm currently attending with my brother in 2003. So, doing some investigative reporting, I went through an old yearbook from the year my sister graduated and found a picture of him pitching. We scanned it in and printed out a copy, and got him to autograph it. He was so shocked when he saw it he went "OH no!" James Parr saw it and said "Whoa!" and Hyde showed it to Tommy who asked if it was High School. He finally signed it and I asked him if he knew my brother- which he did, and asked me about him, how he was doing, etc. and told me to tell Chad (my brother) hello for him. I called Chad on my way home, and you could tell he was super happy to hear about it, especially since he had a minor procedure done earlier today.

All in all, the guys were great, and I had a great time. Even though we had to wait out in the freezing rain for a bit.

Great stories, Crista! Here are a few of her pictures:

Homer, Crista, and the little man Brendan

Hanson, James Parr, and Lee Hyde

Front to back: Don Sutton, Hyde, Parr, and Hanson (view #2, with Roger McDowell in the back)

Lee Hyde's high school pic

Thanks so much for sharing! :)

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