Thursday, April 8, 2010

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Cubs 4-5-10

Welcome to 2010!

What a fab game. Largest day crowd in Turner Field history, third largest crowd in Turner Field history, and boy, were the right field seats bumpin! Let's start out with some BP pics, though...

Lines to get in, the kid in the gray totally wins!

Hinske & Diaz ~ O'Flaherty & Medlen ~ Omar & his batting gloves

Brooks, Rossy, EOF, Meds

Jogging pitchers 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

Rossy, don't your knees need a break?

Pretty shot of Hanson

, looking very covered up. Speaking of, he was showing some of the guys some cricket pitches and I couldn't get the camera out fast enough. Hopefully this video is good enough. :)

I only took pics of one Cub, because my party had to potty. Here's my boy Dumpster scarfing sunflower seeds...

As I mentioned on Twitter, on the way to our seats B got a new shirt and a Braves employee stopped us to ask us to take a survey. We hoped it would mean we would get a seat upgrade later, but nothing happened. Sad.

Let's see some pre-game videos!

Baby's presented with his 2009 Silver Slugger.

Opening Day lineups! I like the Braves Country Lineup look.

Hank Aaron throws out the first pitch of the season to Jason Heyward.

Views from our seats at the top of Upper Reserved 417: 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

While looking around, guess who I spotted just a few rows down? Brandon Bond of All or Nothing Tattoo, aka the tattoo artist of the Braves! I went down to say hi - we've exchanged emails in the past and his assistant Nicole has always been super-nice. Well, he was great in person too. Why was he in these sucktastic seats, I asked? He had given his good seats to his parents and gotten these from a scalper. What a good guy. I don't have any tattoos (bleeding disorder, ftw), but I think his art is beautiful. Anyway...

Check out the media swarm watching Heyward stretch. I couldn't do that.

Huddy on Braves Live

The Braves sure are getting a lot of use out of that America-shaped flag, aren't they? This is Braves Country.

Travis Tritt singing the National Anthem, with both teams on their respective baselines.

Bobby took out his own lineup card to start the season. Cue big emotional music. Cue big applause.

First pitch, for real!

Baby at bat, 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

Hey, McCann's Cans are back! I wonder if those are the same guys I met years ago. They were nice kids.

Jason Heyward's first at-bat, 3-run homer and all! I barely got it, and B (in my hot pink Wayfarers) called it! Awesome.

And his second at-bat, which wasn't the same but it was fun to hear the crowd get excited for him:

Excellent "God Bless America" singer, maybe best I've ever heard live.

Tool Race vid. I'm getting a little tired of recording these -- do you still have fun watching them?

These guys were so proud of their Heyward jerseys.

Nate doesn't write vowels when he autographs?

Braves win! Player of the game is!

All pics and vids here. And before we go, some fan shots!

Sid Bream shirt

Not a typical KJ fan

The Yoda backpack at the ballpark...might not pick up women

Wrong game, Lincecum fan.

Hanson & Jurrjens couple

Baby wig! (ok, it's probably real. either way, so cute!)

THIS is why "this seat is so tight!"


What a fun game! Hope to see you at Turner Field soon!


MollyG said...

Thanks for sharing! Wish I could have been there!

CABravesFan said...

What, may I ask, is wrong with a Yoda Backpack???

That Chili Cheese Hot Dog looked good but didn't you promise to attempt the Fried Chicken Waffle Bacon Sandwich thingy? I want to see that!

Thanks, as always, for the great pics and videos (especially the pics of Mac ;) )- usually the highlight of my day :D

Amanda said...




Lauren T. said...

I did promise The Hammer, but we couldn't find it at the regular stops. Maybe it's in the 755 Club? I'll find one by the end of the season! *shakes fist*