Friday, April 9, 2010

"Glaus' wife fulfills passion of her own — equestrian"

While Troy Glaus spends his days gobbling up ground balls at first base and swinging for the fences as a member of the Atlanta Braves, his wife Ann juggles two jobs of her own: spending the daylight hours refining her show jumping skills before spending nights at the ballpark cheering on the 12-year veteran.
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I like to hear about The Wives who have a "passion of her own" outside of supporting their husbands / raising the kids / charity work. All those are good things, but you have to have something for yourself, too. For example, while I don't always agree with Mrs. McCann's fashion choices (hee), I love that she actively runs her own boutique and hasn't given it up just because Baby's a big huge star. The time may come to have some Baby Babies, and she may want to go part-time or sell her part of the business, and that will be a decision for their family. But for now, I'm glad she's not quit her job to follow her husband. ...You know who I mean. ;)

Anyway, yay, ponies!

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tigerchick said...

I saw an article from ChopTalk on the Braves website written by Derek Lowe's wife, and enjoyed it verymuch. It was about the short term move for spring training.