Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Rockies 4-16-10

No Braves BP today, just two unexpected pairs of pitchers playing toss together: Hanson & Jurrjens, Hudson & Medlen. Hey, what do I know? Maybe these pairs are BFF?

This is how much I care about the Rockies: this is the sole picture I took of their BP. :D

They're selling foam tomahawks and fingers in the stands this year. Heard in the stands: "Hey, I'll give you a finger for free!"

James "Red" Moore from the Atlanta Black Crackers threw out the first pitch to Jason Heyward and looked extraordinarily happy to meet Jason. 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4

The Braves Organist played a great Steven Spielberg medley for Ryan Spilborghs. B says he looks funny. Most of the guys do in their mug shots. ;) Why do you think the shot they use of Baby is the same one for 3 years straight? (Marteen, too.)

Our section was really obnoxious and there was a small crowd, so we moved down after only a couple of innings. One high-school kid was telling his less-clueless friend that "it's really rare to get five scores in one inning."

Rockies cuddle

Lowe's ovation on his way out. This is the first season he's started out 3-0.

O'Flaherty! Also:

Tomahawk Team hugs! The blonde, Jamie? I still mentally call her Celia, because she reminds me a bit of the ANTM contestant from cycle 12. Jamie is prettier and less scary-looking, though.

Best bachelorette party ever - I'm totally doing this. :)

Braves win!

Between the game and Friday Night Fireworks, the Heavy Hitters gave us some beats. My video didn't work but these pictures are fun. ;) 1 ~ 2 ~ 3

Waaatch Friday Night Fiiiiiireworks
They're goooooooood

And not creepy at aaaaaaallllllllll

Full album here, including lots of pics of individual players. Pics from Saturday's no-hitter will be up soon.


Amanda said...

James "red" Moore is adorable.

Remind me what it is the heavy hitters do?

Lauren T. said...

Amanda, The Heavy Hitters are basically the Braves official drum line. They're pretty cool, I say as a former drumline member. ;) (I played quads and bass.)

CABravesFan said...

The two (older) men sitting next to me at the Padres game last week had no clue about baseball...among other comments, they spent the entire night trying to figure out what OPS meant...dispite the fact the OBP and SLG numbers were listed right next to OPS and if you added them together you got...OPS! (They also didn't know ANY of the Padres players...)