Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rockies' Ubaldo Jimenez celebrates his no-hitter

I took this video from section 218 tonight. To bad this was against us and not for us! Not sure what's up with the focus in the first half but it adjusts perfectly for some smiling as they get closer.

Gameday pics from this weekend will be up soon. :)


Lizziebeth said...

Nice job!

Jessica said...

So glad you got to see that, even though it was against us. But, at least it was the Rockies and not say, the Mets or Phillies who no-hit us. Jimenez seems very likeable. He was still throwing 98-100mph at the end of the game!

slappywhite said...

It sounds like the Atlanta fans were chearing for the kid too. Which I think is great.

Amanda said...

Good for you getting to see a no-no in person. Sad it wasn't a Brave throwing it but I'm not mad about it, I read the denver post story about Jimenez this morning and he seems like a good dude. And he grew up a Braves fan AND Chipper was his idol. What's not to love. :D

Looking forward to your pics.