Friday, April 16, 2010

Prado's handshakes, pre-season version

A couple of weeks late on this, but Lizziebeth took the best video of Marteen handshaking his way down the line before the White Sox game we went to a couple of weeks ago. He even fist-bumps Bobby!

Video Link

Thanks for letting me post the vid here, Lizziebeth. We love Martin Prado!


Amy V said...

That is freaking awesome. I love him more every game.

blog. said...

aghh I <3 Nitram!

MollyG said...

Oh Marteen! He's been on my love list for a while and he just keeps getting better! Thanks so much for posting and sharing Lizzibeth!

Lizziebeth said...

You're welcome! I love watching him do this last year too, so finally got it on vid to share.