Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hey, what's Ryan Klesko up to these days?

Blog reader Stacey sent a pic and a nice little note -- thanks for sharing!

Hey Lauren,

I thought you might like a little "where are they now" info on a former Brave. My sister sent me this picture of her, a coworker, and Ryan Klesko and told me I could forward it to you. Klesko is living in McIntosh County (SE GA) and frequents a restaurant/bar that my sister works at part-time. (BTW, my sister is the one in the green). She said that he is as nice as he can be, and, as you can tell from the picture, he's as cute as I remember him. Feel free to post if you want to.

Go Braves!!
Stacey F.

A man tank top! Nooooo... Ah, can't say much - I've spent some time in South GA / North FL in the summer. It's pretty miserable. ;) It really is nice to hear he's not a jerk. That's not the story we hear on all the boys!

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