Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are you going to 2010's Baseball 101?

The Braves instructional Baseball 101 is just two days away! Check out Jennise's photos from last year, and if you're going this year, please let us know! There will be at least four or five of us there, and I'm trying to plan a little interstitial gathering between the activities and the game. :)

More information at -- see you there, right? ;)


flbravesgirl said...

Wish I was but sadly I live 500 miles away. You ladies have fun & I'll be eagerly awaiting your reports!

Lauren T. said...

And pictures!! :)

Susan said...

Yessss....I can't wait!! :)

McCann Can Triple said...

I want to go so bad. :(

I actually found my picture at the Braves website from the year I went.