Sunday, July 18, 2010

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Brewers 7-16-10

Yep, this was my view for most of the game. Thanks, dude. Could ya sit back like a normal person so I can see too? Please?

How old do you think this sign is? Do you think they've been charging $8 since the 80s, or have they adjusted the pricing for inflation? Maybe it was $3 in 1983. Hmm.

Venters in BP

Brewers reliever Todd Coffey in BP

The funniest part of batting practice I tweeted about but didn't capture in picture or on video - it happened too quickly. Medlen was drifting back for a pop fly and completely biffed it, falling to a knee and then hard on his belly. He popped up and was fine, of course, but poor guy -- it had to have been embarrassing! :D

There's not much to say about the game. We lost horribly. I couldn't pick up any of the new at-bat songs because the cheering was too loud (which was awesome). My camera batteries died and with the entire stadium sold out, Twitter to the rescue! Blog reader Elizabeth helped me out with a donation. I'll repay you somehow, friend! Thanks again! I did get a few great videos I hope you'll enjoy...

Some of Prado's handshakes with the bullpen (and KK's interpretor)

Terry Pendleton's son (credited as "Terry Pendleton") singing the National Anthem, followed by a 50th birthday surprise for his father...

(You can hear B singing louder than TP Jr during the second song, heh heh)

Todd Coffey is one of my fave Brewers for exactly this reason:

Entire album here. Oh yeah, it was "Christmas in July". *sigh*

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