Thursday, July 29, 2010

"My feelings are NOT hurt..."

Yeah, I think they are.

Have you guys heard all the swirling stuff over Washington Nationals pitcher Miguel Batista's comment? Basically, after he was called in to spot-start for Steven Strasburg against the Braves on Tuesday night, he got booed by his home fans. (Obviously the 40k there were hoping to see SS.) It might be better if you just watched the video...

Video Link

I think it's pretty obvious that the words just fell out of Batista's mouth and he had no idea who Miss Iowa was. He wasn't speaking to her personally, nor was he saying women from the Midwest are heifers, exactly. He was just saying the fans expected a phenom, and while Batista is good, he's not the best.

People are getting too ruffled over this, in my opinion. Batista's doing the nice thing by sending her apology flowers, and if I were Miss Iowa, I'd send him back an autographed swimsuit shot for his locker, because that's the pageanty thing to do. Well, knowing my sense of humor, I'd probably send him a picture of myself in full hair, makeup, jewelry & tiara, while wearing some of those fake redneck teeth. :D (Maybe I'd send both.)

What do y'all think? Blown out of proportion? He needs to do more? He shouldn't have apologized? We need to move on?

ETA: Now she's throwing out the first pitch tomorrow (7/30/10) night. *sigh*


riverben5 said...

Blown way out of proportion. People take some comments way too seriously. He's just a pitcher, making a random comment after a spot start. Give him a break, people! Focus on the fact that he shut out one of the best teams in the NL!

Lauren T. said...

Give him a break, people! Focus on the fact that he shut out one of the best teams in the NL!

At the last minute! Note, we beat Strasburg last time and lost to Batista on Tuesday. Just saying.

Jessica said...

Exactly. Now we wish we'd gone against Strasburg!

I thought the comment was funny, personally.

Lauren T. said...

I did too. ;)

Oregano, yo said...

I was there for her pitch. She did well and was a great sport. She even kept Teddy from winning the President's Race by distracting him down the first base line.

Lauren T. said...

Ha, nice! Thanks for commenting. :)