Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Venters' first ejection

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This was one of the most ridiculous things ever. That was a breaking ball. A breaking ball. It got away, sailed over the head of a batter, the benches got warned. The next pitch by a rookie (who didn't even break camp with the team, mind you) got away from him and he got tossed and a four-game suspension? It seems excessive. Very, very excessive.

I hope Jonny appeals, and I hope he can get the suspension reduced by a couple of games. I'm running out of synonyms for "crazy" here. :/

Update: Venters appeals four-game suspension by Chris Vivlamore of the AJC


Eleth said...

The entire thing is just completely unbelievable. Rediculous. Insane....you get the picture;)

Courtney said...

I wasn't able to catch this live but is this why Bobby isn't at the game tonight?

flbravesgirl said...

Idiotic. It was a total overreaction by Angel Hernandez ( who I thought was one of the worst umps in baseball even before this). They have to reduce that.

suitecheeks said...

he got ejected but none of their pitchers got ejected after hitting our players the next day.