Tuesday, August 17, 2010

20th last at-bat win of the season!

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I super-loved this quote by Brooks in the AJC, after the game:

“I already gave Cabrera four or five hugs after the game. He really picked us up. That’s really the resiliency of our ballclub, making those errors and getting down, then coming back. We’ve really got a great team and we’re picking each other up this year.”
Four or five hugs! Why didn't we see all of these! Y'all know I love me some Braves hugs. :D

Also, can Rossy give an interview without using "grind" as a verb? ;) From the same link:

Down 3-1 going to ninth, still believe?

“Yeah, the good thing about this team, we don’t look ahead. We look at the task at hand. We don’t look ahead in the lineup, we don’t look ahead day-to-day. We go in there and we grind out an at-bat, and everybody tries to have the best at-bat they can on that [particular] at-bat, then we move on to the next AB.

“We’re not going to score 10 a night, but we can’t make mistakes and beat ourselves if we’re going to continue to play well and to win. We can’t beat ourselves. Nine times out of 10 guys make plays out there. We’ve had a little rough stretch this month with some errors, but we’re still finding ways to win and picking each other up. That’s what good teams do.”

One last thing - as I mentioned on Twitter last night, it was nice to see Medlen in the middle of the melee on the field -- glad he got in the mix of a good celebration before his surgery tomorrow. His contributions this year are a big reason the Braves are in first place!

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