Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August DVR Cleanup

August isn't over yet, but those of you outside the Braves Live viewing area really need to see a few of these videos. As often stated before, I don't own these and don't make any money off them; I'm just sharing with my friends who don't live in the area and should be able to see our boys in a fun / candid light. :)

8/2/10 ~ Rossy! Ha!! They wouldn't give Mac a hard time about wearing his helmet for interviews, would they? ;)

8/10/10 ~ Going Bald. I wish they'd interviewed all the bald guys and the going-bald guys (you know who I'm talking about!), and I enjoyed Hinske's little snarky grin at the end:

8/17/10 ~ Mike Minor gets a beer shower after his first win, after he's fully dressed, courtesy D-Lowe, Rossy, Brooksy (in only a towel!?), and the closer, Billy Wagner:

I think this was 8/23 - I accidentally deleted it off my DVR before writing down the date. Sorry! It's Martín interpreting for Omar after Omar won NL Player of the Week. ♥


CABravesFan said...

Mac's NOT BALD! (yet ;) )
(Huddy totally wins- he looks kinda hot bald!)

Brooksy in a towel... I like!

Did Mike Minor swear? Totally sounded like he did!


Lauren T. said...

Hey, I said "going bald"! ;)

And yeah, I caught a little s-word from Minor too. Can you really blame him for letting that one slip? The guy was fully dressed! (And was wearing shoes, apparently.)

Jessica said...

Huddy looks more than "kinda" hot bald :) Just sayin'...