Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pics from the biggest loss of the season

...and I hope we don't have a worse loss. :)

I just pulled a few from the news services. Hope to go to a game this weekend and bring you some live pics! ♥

Crazy-Eyed MattE is back! We haven't seen him all year, have we? I missed him, haha.

Super-cute grin! And look how much he cares about JJ and Jonny...

Hate that Jonny was pegged with the loss, his second loss of the season and of the series. Time to shut him down for the weekend? He says he feels "good" -- of course he's going to say that! But I read earlier today that he leads the league in appearances since the All-Star break, and no matter who that guy is, he's going to be fatigued. Remember when Will Ohman appeared in 83 games for us in '08? Is that going to be Venters this year? Hey Jonny, how's your Harry Caray impression? :D

What do you think about Jonny as our closer in '11? I love the idea and have been a proponent of it since Wags announced his retirement.

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