Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chipper out for the remainder of 2010

Braves press release

We have an endless supply of options at third base -- I love the depth of this team. You never wish for anyone to be injured, but honestly, I'm not worried about our team or our playoff chances. :)

ETA: If you're interested in knowing why I don't care for Chipper, I'll be happy to tell you via email. I will never post it on the blog, but please stop leaving anonymous messages on Meebo. You don't know my side of the story.


Nancy said...

I think that Chipper made a God=awful mistake when he was very young. He has lived an exemplary life since that time, proving himself to be a family man and a team player. When my youngest son was about 8 (he's now 22) he was Chipper's biggest fan. When Chipper was due to make an appearance in Nashville one winter's day I took my little boy to see him. The lines were long and we soon learned that Chipper's flight was fogged in at the Atlanta airport. Rather than cancel and reschedule and disappoint an auditorium full of kids, Chipper Jones got off the flight, got into his own car and drove the five hours from Atlanta to Nashville. Better late than never! He didn't disappoint either - he had something kind to say to each and every kid that lined up to shake his hand and have a quick photo. He went above and beyond for a bunch of little kids. He'll always have a fan in our house.

Lauren T. said...

Nancy, my feelings on Chipper have nothing to do with his oldest son. As I said above, if you want to hear my story I will be happy to share. All you have to do is email me. Email's in my profile and on the sidebar of the blog.