Friday, September 3, 2010

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Mets 9-1-10

Welcome to the bigs, Freddie Freeman! Girls, say hello to our first baseman of 2011 and beyond...

OK, enough of that. ;) I got in when the gates opened for BP and went to my usual perch in the shade (gotta love having fair skin that refuses to tan), and y'all, NO ONE was there. A handful of kids, the usual men, one bouncy blonde who, after much yelling, eventually got a ball tossed to her at the very end of Braves BP (she was told to give it to her kid, but she ran up the stairs hugging it with the kids trailing her). Here are a few interesting things...

- New Brave Scott Proctor bringing his teammates baby Dasanis, how nice...

- ...but also brought out a pair of cleats. He put them on the ground, didn't do anything with them, ran into the dugout with them when BP was over. *shrug*

- Freddie was taking BP when I walked in, then played right-center for a bit before running in to prep to start!

- Mike Minor talking to a fan 1 ~ 2

- Huddy told a story everyone seemed to find hilarious

- Bye, boys...

After Braves BP, I went to meet up with Lizziebeth and had fun talking to a bunch of blog readers and Twitter followers! (Hi "C", Alison, Laura, Sarah, Crista, Chandra, Brad, and anyone else I missed!) Look at Crista's super-cute nephew, the designated driver of the evening...


I swear Ske and I made eye contact before he turned around and I took this picture. :D Love ya, He-Man!

Freddie doing some pretzel-leg warmups:

Looks like he's praying, right? I don't remember seeing Mac pray publicly before...

Wish we'd heard what was said there...


View from 119L. Sit here - it's fun. ;)

Freddie's ovation!

 He didn't get any hits tonight, but held his own at first!
My little buddy SJ (I teach her in Sunday School) was on Braves Vision FOUR times! How cute is she!!
SJ was so cute talking about BMac. "I'm gonna marry Bwian McCann, because he's the best Brave." "Get a hit, McCann!" "There's McCANN!!" "We're on row 16! 16's for McCANN!" Between her mother and I, we're brainwashing her well to loooove her some catchers. (Her mom wanted seat 108 for Javy - we got in a fake fight over it and I "settled" for 105, 5 for Freddie, haha!) It was also Baby J's first game - thanks for being so well-behaved, dollbaby!

Story on this is funny - Rossy charged at Ske while backing up first, and Ske made kissy faces at him and cracked himself up. Wish I'd gotten that on video, or been able to see Rossy's reaction! :D

Good game, good game. Loved Meds dancing with his arm contraption, and I wish I'd left the camera on for a few more seconds...

Braves win!
As I promised Alison, here's a pic of the Hannah Montana backpack. It was there!

Be back soon, I hope! :)

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Alison said...

I love how we have photos from different perspectives of the same game. :)