Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day article catchup :)

Hope you're all having a fab day with cookouts and swimming and fun with friends and family. I've had a really busy last few weeks and a very busy weekend, so today's been a stay-at-home day, and I've loved every second of it! Here are some articles I've been meaning to share -- enjoy!

The other Mr. October, Eric Hinske

Alex Cora gave Eric Hinske the nickname "Mr. October," with good reason.

"Wherever he goes, his team wins," said Cora. "I am," said Hinske, "the luckiest man in baseball."

Hinske says Braves built for October
"You can talk about chemistry or whatever you want, but the bottom line is the guys are good players and they play well in the field," Hinske said.

Diaz gives thumbs up to team
Our pitching staff -- starters and bullpen -- is probably better than any of the staffs we've had in the previous four years. Playing behind them is a lot of fun.

Here are links to one of the best articles ever on Brooks Conrad in the most recent issue of the official fan mag. Did you know he was roommates in the minors with Josh Anderson...with their respective wives?! That might be a little much for me, but it tells us how much he loves the game and how strong his desire to play is. page 1 ~ page 2 ~ page 3 ~ page 4

And 2010 Family Day pics from the same mag, with Saito's family, and a big page starring the Hinskes, the McCanns, the Infantes, some of the Joneses, two of the Rosses, and two of the Hudsons. The issue is available for sale at and at the stadium for high-quality pics - I don't want to get in trouble since I don't have rights to republish these. ;)

And this isn't an article, but SW sent me this video yesterday, I'd never seen it, and I found it really amusing. The auctioneer's really trying to get him in some trouble, and Rossy's deflecting well. His self-deprecating humor is cute!

"I'm real soft! Real soft and cuddly." Hahaha, this is why we love the catchers. :D

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