Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Morph Suit Takedown

Adding to the pile of reasons MattE's my favorite Brave: his trip-up of the crazy Phillies fan last night who stormed the field in the red morph suit. I know I'm usually hesitant to publicly declare a favorite, and I usually noncommittally publicly say I have a rotating list of favorites, but the truth is MattE's been my #1 for years because I've never heard a bad story about him. No one's ever seemed to have a bad experience near him. Everyone just says he's awesome. He's humble, he plays hard, he gives credit where credit is due, he talks about his wife and kids in interviews (and actually seems to love and respect them), and he is happy to be where he is. So there. MattE's my favorite Brave. :)

In case you didn't see the "incident" last night, here are a few links...

MLB.com article with game footage from SS (super-love Werth's reaction, even though he's gross)

Crossing Broad, a Phillies blog (as RTed a billion times on Twitter last night)

AJC Photo gallery

MattE's comment on his foundation's Facebook page

Finally, MattE's post-game interview:

"Any baseball questions? ...No baseball questions?" :D Love it, MattE. Keep up the good work!

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CABravesFan said...

MattE is awesome. That is all ;)