Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Phillies 10-1-10

This was my last regular-season game of the season, and while Alison and I had tix in 406, we ended up being coerced into watching the entire game from the CF side of the bullpen. We just love our bullpen friends too much -- I mean, if you had a super-fun security guard saving you seats and a silly bullpen coach blowing you kisses (haha!) and you loved the bullpen anyway, wouldn't you sit there too? Yes, you would. :D

Anyway, as has been the case lately, the boys made me very self-conscious of my camera, so there aren't as many in-game shots. Here's the full album, here are Alison's corresponding game pics, and below are some I've picked out to talk about...

Kimmie, covering up a yawn
"Okay, let's get him" ... right before a whole squad of guys went over and goosed Freddie!

I love Joe Blanton's calves. I have no idea how many pictures I took of them, but I kept nine. Here are two of the best pics...

A few members of the Tomahawk Team and I follow each other on Twitter, so I promised @BravesJennifer I'd stop by and say hello to them. After stupid Jayson Werth smashed my phone, we headed over to Fan Plaza and luckily, they weren't busy and we got to chat with @BravesJamie and @BravesMarcie too. They're so sweet - they're all, "We're so glad you're not a creepy old man!" They seemed genuinely happy I wasn't a dude (hilarious), and wanted a picture with me. Alison took one of us with Jennifer's phone, then one with my camera.

OK, gametime!

Freddie's first time competing in Closest to the Pin! (He didn't win.) ;)
He has soooooo many friends! :D
This just isn't the best angle for game pictures. ;) That's Ske at bat.
JC Boscan's first major-league appearance!
He walked! Way to go!
Braves...did not win. And my phone was broken. But I got a home run ball? I guess that was awesome. And as we now know, the Braves are in the playoffs, so the outcome of this game didn't matter!

See you if you have a game on Monday, boys! ♥ Let's go Braves!


Alison said...

omg, JC of the beautiful eyes. I infinity <3 him.

And don't worry, I got your back with the in-game photos. :)

Lauren T. said...

I look forward to them. I know you got some good ones of the bullpen, yes? Hee hee.