Monday, October 4, 2010

Wild Card Braves!!

Mike Zarrill/Getty Images

I wasn't at the clinching game yesterday, in spite of six different ticket offers -- I had family matters to attend to, and was with my family out in west GA literally all day yesterday. I haven't even seen the game yet! BUT! I was able to look at Twitter and talk to a few friends during the day and these pictures and videos definitely need to be preserved.

If you were there, please email your pics to me here, along with any stories, and I'll add those in a separate post. Thanks and loves! GO BRAVES!!


The following are not in chronological order -- I opened them all at once, there were a lot of duplicates, and I ended up grouping them by the star(s) of the photo.

Video - Bobby dancing!

AJC Gallery -

Bobby -

Bobby -

Bobby -

Bobby -

Bobby -

Bobby -

Bobby -

Bobby and MattE -

Bobby and MattE -

Bobby and JJ -

Bobby and Saito -

Dancing -

Flag -

Flag -

Flag, DLowe -

DLowe -

DLowe and Huddy -

DLowe and Moylan -

DLowe and Saito -

Hanson and DLowe -

Heyward and Hinske -

Huddy -

Huddy -

Huddy with fans -

Huddy, Lowe, and fans -

Huddy, Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Venters - (Those are the only wives I could ID, maybe others are in the pics?)

JJ and Heyward (SO CUTE) -

Jonny and EO -

McCann and Hanson -

Moylan, Saito, Wags -

Moylan -

Mystery Brave (Chip?) -

The whole team -

The whole team -

More to come, I hope! :)


CABravesFan said...

I'm pretty sure you all can figure out which pic is my favorite!


Lisa said...

Very good job on the pics collection!!! Go Braves!!!!!

Amy said...

So many awesome pictures, but that brilliant smile on J Hey's face is just infectious. :D

That said, the video remains my favorite. I love how much fun Bobby seems to be having this year.