Saturday, November 6, 2010

McCann nickname change

Small site cleanup note... when I started the blog in 2007, I didn't really expect to still be blogging in late 2010, preparing for the 2011 season. And when I made Brian McCann's archive label "Baby", I didn't expect to have to answer literally thousands of questions about that. The story is that when he first came up, I made lots of jokes about his baby face, but I was very impressed with his ability. I tend to nickname people, and I started calling him "Baby" (short for "baby face"). Well, that didn't work so well after he started wearing facial hair full-time, so I stopped calling him that... but the tag stayed on the blog for years.

That's it. So now, his tag is "McCann". I've added the new tag to Mac posts about a year back and have about 300 posts to go. Oh yeah, there are over 1200 posts in this blog. It's excessive. :)

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