Monday, November 8, 2010

November picture page

Random! Last week I discovered a public image website I never knew existed. There are zillions of images here of our boys dating before I was born, and I had fun testing myself to see which randoms I could remember. (John Thomson! I forgot about him but totally recognized him! Socks up FTW!) Of course, I had to look through all 169 pages of Braves images, because I've been going through withdrawals and I haven't been feeling well and that many pages of action shots make a megaheadache and a minicold feel better, right? Right. So here are some of the best I found -- you might like them too!

Best angle ever of the Omar-into-Alex's arms leap (also starring MattE, Ske, and Meds) (also also, read the caption carefully, hee hee)

Look at everyone on the tarp!

SUPER HIGH FIVE (Love Alex's face)

Socks up Meds! We need more socks.

For CABravesFan: Angry Mac

For Alison and my old roommate Heather: Thor, bubblicious

PETE ORR!!! Loved him. Tons. :)

2006 pic of "Matthew Diaz". He tries so hard, always.

2006 Moylo, without sleeves and without "sleeves"!

Huddy is listed at 6'1" and BMac is listed at 6'3". Really? Really.

Langy! Look at the socks! Is that just a young player thing?

2005 McCann baby face.

My note on this pic was "recycled reliever faces" -- it's labeled as Macay McBride, but looks an awful lot like Eric O'Flaherty, right? And check out this pic of definitely Macay McBride, lookin' like our Kimmie! Crazy!

And finally, the BEST PICTURES EVER.

Mac sliding past Rossy on a triple hit by Smoltzie

Chipper, 1993

1987: My fave Brave of all time, Dale Murphy


Karen T said...

Amazing pics.....

flbravesgirl said...

These are fantastic. Either Huddy is shorter than listed or Mac got taller & I think Mac's listed height looks pretty accurate.

Love the tarp pic. What are they doing up there? "Everybody on the tarp... NOW!!!"

And Chipper looks about 15 there.