Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We want our Lovvies back

Yesterday afternoon I was babysitting three awesome kids under the age of 3. I was looking at Twitter on my phone at 2pm to see the Cy Young announcement, and I had a really weird feeling about one of my favorite bullpen Lovvies. I messaged Alison at 2:08 PM, and the following is basically the chat transcript for the rest of the day talking about trades. Please also see her post at Aly Baseball. :)

Lauren: Is it bad that I'm super worried we'll trade Mike Dunn?
Because I'm super-worried
And I don't want him going anywhere yet

I just read part of an article on my phone
About someone wanting to trade Beachy + Dunn for Delmon Young
And I almost cried
 Alison: I just coughed in disbelief
Lauren: But... Who's trade value do you think is higher? Beachy or Minor?
I don't want Pretty Mouth going anywhere
I'm not as attached to Minor
Alison: I like Meds, Version Tall & Skinny
Alison: either way, I'm not super duper attached. I like MM and I like BB. We don't have any lefty starters though...
And Mike Dunn's ass/calves/pretty face have to stay here.
Lauren: <3 <3 <3 Dunn
Again, partial to BB because of the waving
And the smiling
Alison: :D
 Lauren: And the fact that he was drafted in 08 and striking out Utley in 2010
 Alison: heh
 Lauren: That's... Amazing.

Alison went to work. I was still babysitting. Did I mention I still need a full-time job? I do. :) But the kids were being awesomely well-behaved and I had a moment to check my phone again, still feeling something was up and I saw the Uggla rumors were blowing up in my Twitter feed...

5:21 PM Lauren: OMG 5-5 )+_ :2*3 (:2 _//
  That was supposed to be
 Alison: Which one????
Am I gonna be pissed??
Alison: Uh… NO!
 Lauren: Apparently the deal is close to done
 Alison: O  M  G
 Lauren: I'm seriously sick
I don't want Uggla if it means giving up Mike Dunn. I love Mike!! And I KNOW you don't want to give up Omar. >:(
Alison: No
Lauren: I'm going to change this poopy diaper now, and then maybe the smell will actually make me sick and I'll feel better
I'm seriously upset
 Alison: I feel ill
 Lauren: :'(
Alison: we have some hope;  the Blue Jays are interested in Uggla and I'm sure that they can pull out a better package than the Braves…

Alison writes: Literally minutes after I said that, the deal was done.  But I couldn’t respond since I was actually working, and then, when I got a moment, I didn’t want to be the one to say it… because that would make it real.  However…   

5:49 PM Lauren: It's done. I actually want to cry. Driving home now.
680 the fan says Prado in LF
Uggla was told he's at 2B
Alison: yeah.
Lauren: I'm sick.
Alison: me too
Lauren: I don't want Uggla. I want one of my Lovvies back.
 Alison: I want my Lovvie back.  omg.  why
Lauren: We need to do a conversational joint post tonight called "we want our lovvies back"
Alison: ok.  I'm down.
Lauren: Because...
Alison: I'm going to cry
 Lauren: Prado in LF means Ske and MattE are a no-go
 Alison: yeah.
 Lauren: I am for real scowling
  In my car, at this red light
Alison: honestly, Mike Dunn being traded, I am upset, but not as upset as I am about Omar.
Omar has been my darling from Day 1
(of course, I have so many darlings... but still)
 Lauren: vice versa for me
I always liked Mike's mr clean head
But the end of the season, he rocketed to infinity status
 Alison: I know.
Alison: all I have to say is, if Dan Uggla slumps when he gets here… I'm going to declare that something about the Braves is cursed.

Switching from phone to computer chat for me, at home...Alison's still at work...

7:03 PM Alison:  I knew it, too.
  Remember when I was like, "I think we might trade Omar?"
  I just didn't know it'd be for Dan Uggla... :(
Lauren: I can see how the organization would see both boys as being expendable
but I see my desktop wallpaper
not expendable
Alison: :(
Alison: While I'm glad that the Braves were like "hands off MARTEEN"
  did it HAVE to be Omar?
Lauren: it's all bad
Alison: this just means I have to go to every marlins game now
Lauren: so Mike and Will Ohman can pose for us ;)
 Alison: yes
 Lauren: and you can take pics of Omar practicing SS
  Will's a free agent again, I think
  I need to look him up
  well, Omar will practice everything
  to stay sharm
 Alison: true, because Omar is the shiz
 Lauren: whatt's wroing with me
 Lauren: *sob
Alison: I feel shellshocked
I mean
I <3 him.
I want to make a "We Miss You, Omar" sign
I hope he gets to start
why is Frank Wren breaking up my Venezuelan Troupe of Man Love?
it's like the cutest bromance ever, Prado and Infante!

[Alison: Half an hour goes by… Keep in mind, I’m at work… ]

Alison:  ok.
  Fredi likes Dan.
  I guess that's a start.
Lauren: His name is Uggla
Alison: the Marlins needed a lefty in the bullpen?
  they do not!
  also, what??
  is he being sarcastic?
 Lauren: either way, it's obnoxious
 Alison: strangely, I actually do like all the NL East teams.  [I’ll clarify here and say that I like individual players on the Phillies, but NOT the Phillies.  ;P]
 Lauren:  yeah, I do too, in a weird way :)
Alison: I've been mostly UN foulmouthed.  [I’m kind of surprised]
  I think I'm still bleh, like…
when Gregor was traded I was like, "SOB"
right now, I feel numb.
I think it's because I'm sick
 Lauren: I stopped shaking
  I think that was blood sugar
 Alison: but I feel super just... numb.
  and we both know how I felt about the Yunel trade…
 Lauren: but I still feel shocked
 Alison:  there was cursing
  I figuratively threw things

End chat. We also talked on the phone for, I don’t know, half an hour? 40 minutes? Said a lot of things we can’t say on a family blog. :D 

I understand that a lot of "regular" fans (read: men) will look at this trade and say Omar and Mike were expendable. We needed a power RH bat. Uggla was awesome at Turner Field. Prado can play LF. Yeah yeah, I know all that. Here's what I like and don't like about this deal...

- Uggla is a Silver Slugger.
- Joey likes Uggla because Uggla spoke to him once, wasn't a jerk.
- Uggla's from KY/TN.

- Uggla only has one year left on his contract. I expect he'll want a taste of the free agent market if he has a successful 2011 here. (And why wouldn't he?)
- Therefore, we gave up Omar AND Mike for a one-year rental of Uggla.
- Uggla's giant tobacco ball
- Seriously, Prado in LF sounds to me like we won't be resigning MattE and Hinske, and I really wanted both back. The 2010 team was special... no one named in this post was on my mental list of expendables.
- I never ever ever buy Braves memorabilia, but I bought the most beautiful Mike Dunn rookie baseball card on eBay right after the season ended. I hate autograph sessions, but I was going to consider braving one to get him to sign it, because it's just so pretty. I'm especially going to miss the seemingly 16 different ways his face could smile -- you can see a bunch of them in this video. Wish I'd gotten the chance to talk to him; he seemed fun. :)

- I love Chris Rose and I can't decide if this video is awesome or not. ;) The Cheap Seats: Dan Uggla

Omar, buena suerte! Como si usted lo necesite, jaja!

Mike, what up! Adding you to my long list of "this is why I need to stop liking relievers and utility guys so much". You're awesome. Keep being awesome.

Uggla, your hustle might win me over. We'll see. I respect hard-nosed players.

PS - Readers, there weren't actually any tears. We just thought you'd like to see the raw emotion version of our reaction to the trade of a couple of our fave Braves. Rrrg.


CABravesFan said...

No more OMARTIN! That makes me sad :(

samantha said...

I'm not gonna lie....I shed a few tears for my Omar.

Me and my mom were sitting watching Sports Center and news of the trade scrolled across the bottom, my mom said "Oh my God! Did you see that?" and just the sound of her voice I knew it was bad. I caught the tail end but it didn't register quick enough so I was like "what?! what happened?" and then she told me....and shocked isn't even the right word for it. Omar is my bookie bear :( And I had lots of love for Mike too.

And I get that everyone else thinks this is an amazing trade and I'm sure (hopefully) Uggla will have a good year with us...but like you said then he's up for free agency. I'm gonna be very upset if he's gone in 2012 and we traded Omar away for a rental.

Uggla doesn't look good in the Braves uniform...Omar doesn't look right in that FL uniform. Of course I'm biased. I'm still shocked by it all.


Erica said...

I LOVE Omar!! I took pictures upon pictures of him every game I went to and I'm not gonna lie...I CRIED!! Now, the only games I'm gonna be able to go to this year are against the Marlins :(