Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Rookie of the Year: Not Heyward

After Jason Heyward's electric home run in his first at-bat of the year, most Atlanta fans fully expected him to win rookie of the year. While I understand the BBWAA's choice of voting Buster Posey as the winner (I am a bit partial to the battery, if you haven't noticed!), I was a bit disappointed when I read our Heyward didn't win. I'm not going to go into comparing their stats and all that mess -- there are plenty of sites who do that much better than I could -- but I will say I'm glad they don't let the fans vote. It would just turn into a popularity contest (like the All-Star starters), and I don't think that's any more fair.

As for the end of that chart, I'm very happy someone put a vote in for our Jonny Venters. I'd love to know who this was, because middle relievers don't get enough love and I'm curious if this was an Atlanta beat writer, an NL East writer, or another writer who was impressed with his mid-to-upper-90s sinker. It's really amazing to see in person, and I hope Jonny's a Brave for a very long time. :)

Oh! As I was writing, I got an email that identified San Francisco's Andrew Baggarly as the Jonny fan!
I was one of the 32 voters and I can reveal my ballot to you now: 1. Posey 2. Heyward 3. Jonny Venters.
Here's a link to his blog. Thanks for recognizing talent, Mr. Baggarly! You're awesome. Love, Braves fans.

PS -- If I'd voted, and there was a 4th place vote, it would have gone to Gaby Sanchez for clotheslining Nyjer Morgan. I never get tired of that footage.  ...And this is why I'm not a serious sports writer. :) I'm too easily biased!

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Alison said...

Gaby Sanchez is one of my favorite rookies this year, clothesline or not. :D